SEC Academic Leadership Development Program Alumni Fellowship


The SEC Academic Leadership Development Program (SEC ALDP) Alumni Fellowship is designed for SEC ALDP alumni who are in senior leadership positions at SEC universities (i.e., home institution). The aim of the fellowship is to provide opportunities at other SEC universities to strengthen experience and knowledge in a specific area of interest to the fellow or the fellow’s home institution.


Participation Expectations and Report

Fellowship recipients have one full academic year to complete their fellowship, beginning on July 1 and concluding no later than June 30 of the following year.

The final report topic is to be agreed upon by the fellowship recipients and their Provosts and described in the application. The report is due no later than the first day of classes (after the fellowship concludes) at the home institution, as listed in the university academic calendar. The fellowship recipients should submit their reports to their home institutions’ SEC ALDP liaison, who will ensure it is delivered to the SEC, the host university and the Provost of the home institution.


Eligibility & Selection Process


  • Alumni of the SEC ALDP
  • Completed the SEC ALDP within the past five years
  • Currently employed at an SEC university


Each year, the SEC ALDP liaisons may submit one alumni fellowship candidate from their universities to the SEC staff no later than April 15. Candidates will be reviewed by all SEC ALDP liaisons who may select up to two participants for the academic year.

Application Materials



The Southeastern Conference will provide an award bursary of $2500 to each fellowship recipient’s home institution (no more than two per year) to be used for travel, living or other expenses. Any additional costs will be borne by the fellow or the fellow’s home institution. All fellowship recipients will remain on salary at their home institutions.


SEC ALDP Alumni Recipients

                  Dr. Irma Van Scoy, Executive Director of USC Connect (University of South Carolina)