Welcome to the Office of Postdoctoral Affairs

The Graduate School's Office of Postdoctoral Affairs is designed to develop the next generation of independent researchers by enhancing the postdoctoral experience at the University of Kentucky. This is achieved by supporting postdocs needs with four main objectives:

Build an integrated postdoc community

The Postdoc Orientation is built for new postdocs to learn about the postdoc community on campus. The Postdoc Coffee Hour is a weekly meeting that allows postdocs to connect and build their network. Career Enhancement Groups bring postdocs together to work on critical aspects of postdoctoral training. 

Provide career and professional development opportunities for postdocs

Current postdocs can learn about career and professional development opportunities on the Events & Programs page, including Career Enhancement Groups, Postdoc Mentoring Training, and various programs in partnership with the Society of Postdoctoral Scholars

Manage centralized postdoctoral administrative services

Faculty and administrators are invited to check out the For Faculty & Admin page for information about recruitment, appointments, and reappointments.​

Measure and track postdoc success

The Office of Postdoctoral Affairs is dedicated to assessing the success of postdocs by measuring postdoc scholarly output, fellowship success, and career outcomes