Media Player Standards

Korbyt Players

Korbyt-powered media players are specialized PCs running the Windows 10 IoT operating system with the Korbyt media player software installed. In order to add a media player to the digital signage network, it must meet the criteria set forth by UK IT and be a Korbyt-supported device. For more information about RMG media player specs, visit

Benefits of Korbyt Media Players 

  • High performance for stability in demanding 24/7 environments
  • Purpose-engineered with set-top box reliability, security and ease of use
  • Real-time data display with content alerts for intuitive monitoring
  • Analog and digital outputs for maximum deployment flexibility
  • Wi-Fi connectivity and easy browser-based administration for convenience and mobility
  • Solid state drives

Before adding a media player to the system, the prerequisites below must be met: 

  • A network drop has been installed in the location where the media player is to reside and is active. 
  • A sufficient power source has been installed in the location where the media player is to reside and function.
  • Proper video distribution is in player to carry the video signal from the media player to the desired output display or displays.
  • If you don’t have all of the above, you must submit a request to PPD for a quote. 

Existing Players

If you have existing hardware and would like to check media player compatibility, you can see if your media player is supported by RMG at

If you have specific questions about your existing hardware, email RMG’s Support Team at


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