About Us

Partnerships for Learning, Achievement, and Classroom Engagement (Project PLACE) is funded through the US Department of Education, Office of English Language Acquisition.  


Project PLACE is a year-long professional learning experience that

(a) Prepares in-service teachers to improve English Learners' language development and school achievement in the context of the regular classroom,

(b) Supports teachers’ use of families’ funds of knowledge to promote student learning and achievement through sustained family and community engagement activities, and

(c) Offers an Advanced Leadership component in which 5 teachers per year earn a Graduate Certificate in Culturally and Linguistically Diverse Classrooms. Project PLACE funds the tuition expenses of Advanced Leadership participants who serve as leaders in their schools to support the learning and achievement of English Learners. During and after their participation year in Project PLACE, Advanced Leaders may serve as consultants to the project and support new cohorts’ professional learning through Project PLACE.

Meet Our Team

Susan Cantrell, Ed.D., Project Director
Email: susan.cantrell@uky.edu
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Kristen Perry, Ph.D., Co-Principal Investigator
Email: kristen.perry@uky.edu
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Shannon Sampson, Ph.D., Evaluator
Email: shannon.sampson@uky.edu
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Jo Davis, M.A., Project Manager
Email: jo.davis@uky.edu


Rebecca Powell, Ed.D., Consultant/School Coach
Email: Rebecca_Powell@georgetowncollege.edu
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Carolyn Witt Jones, M.A., PD Consultant/School Coach
Email: cwjones@partnershipforsuccessfulschools.org
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Joshua Parsons, M.A., Ed. M., Co-Evaluator
Email: joshua.parsons@uky.edu
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Hilda Campos, Family Liaison, is a native Spanish speaker who serves as a liaison between Project PLACE teachers, families and communities.
Email: hcampos0880@gmail.com


Alex Remezo, Family Liaison, is a translator/interpreter for Swahili and Kinyarwanda and serves as a liaison between Project PLACE teachers, families and communities.  

Email:  alex.remezo@gmail.com


Sara Saberimoghaddam, M.A., Research Assistant, is a Graduate Research Assistant and doctoral student in Curriculum and Instruction at the University of Kentucky. She taught English in Iran for 3 years in college and at school for 10 years. She was also an ESL teacher to underprivileged Syrian evacuees in Denmark for 2 years.  

Email: ssa338@g.uky.edu


Katherine Robershaw, M.A., Research Assistant, is a Graduate Research Assistant and doctoral student in Educational Policy Studies and Evaluation at the University of Kentucky. She taught English at high schools in Hong Kong for 12 years. 
Email: klro246@uky.edu
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Brittany Manion, M.A., Research Assistant,