Training Services


Are you looking for the opportunity to meet one on one  or in a Small Group with a Certified Trainer and train to specifically to meet your needs?  If so, Personal Training is for you!! 

Vision Statement: The vision of UK RECWELL's Training Services department is to empower participants to achieve healthy lifestyles through education, motivation, and training.   

Mission Statement: The mission of the Training Services department is to provide participants with the knowledge and ability to develop lifelong skills and self- efficacy through exercise, in order to achieve optimal health and well being 



Training Services are only available to members that have a valid Campus Recreation and Wellness Membership.  Membership information can be found by visiting the Campus Recreation Membership Page




Individual Private Training:

  • Initial Package - $50 which includes one (1) Assessment/Goal Setting/Program Design Session, and two (2)  training sessions
  • Single Sessions- $20 can be purchased once the Initial Training Package has been completed

Semi-Private Training: (Groups of up to 3 participants) 

  • Initial Package - $40 per participant which includes (1) Assessment/Goal Setting/Program Design Session, and two (2)  training sessions
  • Single Session- $15 per participant can be purchased once the Initial Training Package has been completed 

**Please note that Semi- Private packages and sessions must be purchased separately by each participant in the group 


How To Request A Trainer?

You can request the services of a Certified Trainer by completing each of the steps below. Participants in the program are paired with a Trainer based upon  availability and schedule of our Training Team.  You may request a specific member of the Training Team,  but there is no gurantee that you will work your requested trainer.  

  1.  Training Services Request Form
  2.  Training Service Client Packet

Once your information is received, a member of the Fitness Administration team will contact you to confirm your paperwork status and  to schedule an initial meeting with a Trainer.  After your initial meeting is scheduled, the assigned Trainer will contact you to pass along important information regarding your initial meeting  where  a Fitness Assessment will be conducted.  

**Please note that Semi-Private (Groups of up to 3 Participants) each group member will need to submit a Training Services Request Form and Packet


How Do I Purchase Training Sessions? 

Training Services participants can purchase sessions once the Training Services Request Form/Client Packets have been received and a member of the Fitness Administration team have coordinated the initial meeting with a Trainer.  

Training Sessions can be purchased at the Johnson Center  or Alumni Gym Business Office (Monday - Friday 7am-6pm) or online through the RECWELL Services Portal


Additional Information

  • In-Person sessions will only be conducted on the Campus of the University of Kentucky
  • Virtual Training sessions will be conducted using the Microsoft Teams Dashboard
  • Training Sessions will be 60 minutes in length unless approved by the Fitness Administration team 
  • All Clients will be required to complete Health Readiness documents prior to conducting the first training session. A Physician's Clearance may be deemed necessary 
  • All Clients will undergo an In-Person Fitness Assessment prior to exercise
  • Training Sessions are non-transferrable and non-refundable 
  • Sessions expire 4 months after the date of purchase



Training Services Questions? Contact Gillian Torr, Fitness Graduate Assistant at or 859-257-9283