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Open Recovery Meetings:

Recovery meetings have wrapped up for this semester. Check back in the fall for updated meeting information!

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F&F Meetings have wrapped up for this semester. Check back in the fall for updated time and location information!


The University of Kentucky’s Collegiate Recovery Community is dedicated to empowering students recovering from addictive disorders to achieve academic, personal, and professional success while maintaining recovery. The CRC provides a safe and supportive community for students in recovery, including a positive social atmosphere with like-minded peers, dedicated and qualified recovery staff, and an emphasis on developing as productive members of society.


The Collegiate Recovery Community seeks to provide support to students in recovery from substance use disorders and process addictions, to combat the stigma associated with addiction and recovery, and to follow a holistic wellness approach in programming so that students develop in the 6 dimensions of wellness (emotional, intellectual, financial, physical, social, & spiritual).  We recognize that substance dependence is a disease and there is no specific demographic that is immune.


  • to provide a safe location on campus for students in recovery
  • to create a platform, on and off campus, for support and advocacy for students in recovery and those who are their allies
  • to provide a socially engaging and empowering environment on campus to increase the sense of community and accountability for students in recovery
  • to engage the larger community in a positive, solution-driven conversation around addiction and recovery
  • to increase the ability for students to succeed at the university while thriving in their recovery

Contact Us

For more information about the University of Kentucky's Collegiate Recovery Community contact the Collegiate Recovery Community Coordinator at 859-257-7048

Recovery Meetings

For more information regarding AA meetings in the Lexington area, please click here.

For more information regarding NA meetings in the Lexington area, please click here.

For more infomation regarding community services and resource referrals click here

If you or a loved one are seeking resources for substance abuse treatment, please click here for a complete guide to facilities and services around Lexington. 

If you are concerned about your substance use, you can get confidential feedback on your alcohol/drug use along with a list of specific resources by using this online tool.

If you are a student in or seeking recovery (or you know someone who is) and you'd like to get involved with the CRC, please contact our Program Director.


Stay up to date with upcoming events and happenings in the CRC by following us on our social media pages!