A Giving Fund has been established for the Collegiate Recovery Community. At this time, the funds will directly be allocated to cover the costs of programming for the CRC, including sober tailgating, wellness seminars, open support meetings, and more. 


It is the hope that as the CRC develops, we will be eventually be able to provide financial aid to incoming students in recovery in the form of a scholarship. If you are interested in learning more about how you can help with this, please contact us at


If you are interested in financially supporting the Recovery Community here at UK, please follow this link:

In the search bar on the right, type in "Health/ Alcohol Development Fund." It then brings up a new page that says, "What you have searched for is not yet in our online catalog, but you can still make your gift easily today! Click the arrow below to support health/ alcohol development fund." Clicking the arrow will then bring up the donation information! 


Thank you for your kind and generous support of the CRC. It is sincerely appreciated!