Family Alcohol Handbook

Parents and families are such an important part of the college journey.  You offer support, encouragement, and guidance throughout their time at the University of Kentucky.  We know that this often includes supporting and guiding your student in regard to their well-being.  We have compiled a number a resources that may be helpful as you guide your student from the side in all things health and well-being.

Parent and Family Handbook for Talking to your student about Alcohol

Alcohol and drug use can have a significant negative impact on a college student's life and on the campus community.  Research has shown that parents and families can play an important role in influencing this behavior.  We have put together a resource guide to help you, as a parent or family member, in understanding alcohol and drugs on college campuses and having this conversation with your student.  

Click here to access the Parent and Family Resource Guide.

Get Connected

There are so many resources available on campus to support you and your student at each phase in their journey.

Parent & Family Programming

The UK Parent and Family Association welcomes, educates, and connects parents and family members of UK undergraduate students with the goal of supporting successful student transition, retention, and persistence to graduation. All parents and family members of UK undergraduate students are eligible to join, and membership is free by completing the form at Please contact the Parent and Family Association at if you have any questions about your student’s UK experience.

Mental Health & Wellbeing: Help for Parents

Sometimes small changes in behaviors or attitude are the first indicator that a student may need more assistance.  As parents, you often notice these changes before anyone else.  We understand that it can be difficult to know where to refer your student when they have questions or need assistance.  In order to help with this, we have put together several campus resources that help identify offices where you can send or refer your student when they need support.

Counseling Center: Parent & Family Resources

Community of Concern: Parent & Family FAQ


For a list of commonly used resources, including contact information and a little information about what each office does, please visit our, your student's one stop shop for all things wellness.