Sleep Well

Sleep well 

Good sleep might seem like a dream for many.  On average most adults get approximately 6 hours of sleep per night and some as few as 4 hours per night.  Recent research indicates the right amount of sleep impacts our physical health, emotional well-being, academic performance, and overall safety.  Busy schedules, all-nighters, and too much caffeine can wreak havoc on your sleep schedule. Sleep Well aims to provide students with the skills, strategies and support to achieve more restful nights. The Prevention, Outreach, Wellness and Education Resources team, in collaboration with the UK Wellness Coaches, have created a 50 minute presentation that aims at exploring students sleep patterns and habits to generate a personalized program to improve sleep. If you would like to request a presentation please contact Thomas Ard.

Visit our Relaxation room at the GSC for more inspiration from fellow students.

Learn how you can maximize your snooze time by scheduling a one-on-one session with a Wellness Coach.