Wellness Coaching

Life happens and many things can get in the way of doing your best at the University of Kentucky which may leave you struggling to find time to do things you need to stay well and feel your best – like being active, eating well, managing stress or getting enough sleep. Meet with one of our certified wellness coaches through the office of Prevention, Outreach, and Wellness Education Resource (POWER) to help you set priorities and identify specific changes you want to make to improve your well-being. Wellness Coaching is not counseling, but your coach will help you create an individualized action plan to develop a personal wellness vision. During your sessions your coach will help you:

Wellness coaching is a free opportunity for students to improve one or more of the following areas:

  • - Active Living & Lifestyle
  • - Time Management
  • - Stress Management
  • - Sleep & Relaxation Strategies
  • - General Nutrition
  • - Intuitive Eating & Body Image

Schedule an appointment: 

  1. Sign in to the MyUK using your linkblue ID and navigate to the Student Services tab.  Under myInfo, click the Integrated Student Success Coaching tab.
    1. This will allow you to pick from Student Success Coaches. Select the Wellness Coach or Substance Misuse Specialist to access their available sessions.
    2. Once you have selected an appointment time with your Wellness Coach, make sure you complete the wellness intake form found in your confirmation email.

    coach Scheduling.png

    Initial Visit: The first visit session typically lasts about 45 minutes to one hour. You will meet individually with a wellness coach for an active working session to identify your priorities and create a realistic action plan.

    Optional Follow-up Visits: You and your coach may determine additional meetings are necessary for your well-being success.  Follow-up visits are typically 30-60 minutes and can be arranged weekly, bi-weekly, or as necessary based on your goals and what is convenient with your schedule.

    There are certain situations where the needs of an individual cannot be met by wellness coaching.  In those situations you will be directed to a clinician, dietician, counselor, or other trained healthcare professional.  Many times, in those situations, you can have sessions with a wellness coach to continue working on the goal setting process related to the advice given by your healthcare professional.