AR 4:12

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AR 4:12 Student Involuntary Medical Withdrawal Policy and Procedures [PDF]



The University is committed to creating a safe and healthy educational environment and ensuring the well-being of all students. To support this commitment, this Administrative Regulation establishes the policies and procedures for: a) involuntary medical withdrawal for students whose welfare or behavior is a concern and who cannot be adequately helped by the University’s available resources; and b) returning to class after an involuntary medical withdrawal.  The University’s Community of Concern Team (COC) is responsible for managing these procedures for Involuntary Medical Withdrawal.  (See Administrative Regulations 4:11, Community of Concern Team.).


Topics Include

Community of Concern Team, Community of Concern Office, involuntary medical withdrawal, appeal


Regulation Information

Effective Date: 11/28/2017
Responsible Officials: Provost / Associate Provost for Student and Academic Life


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