Governing Regulations (GR)

Governing Regulations are policies adopted by the Board of Trustees for the governance and operations of the University. These regulations provide the framework for the University administration to comply with federal and state law and implement Board decisions. 


GR I: The University of Kentucky (Definition)

GR II: Governance of the University of Kentucky

GR III: The President of the University

GR IV: The University Senate

GR V: The Staff Senate

GR VI: The University Assembly

GR VII: University Organization

GR VIII: University Appointments

GR IX: Reviews of Organizational Units and Their Administrative Officers

GR X: Regulations Affecting Employment

GR XI: Student Affairs

GR XII: University of Kentucky Development Council - This regulation has been eliminated by action of the Board of Trustees

GR XIII: University Regulations

GR XIV: Ethical Principles and Code of Conduct

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