Undergraduate Certificates

The University of Kentucky's undergraduate certificate programs offer our students a convenient and flexible way to earn credentials for career advancement. All are cross-disciplinary clusters of courses integrated in a way that identifies a set of skills or knowledge that carry college credit and is applied to a student's undergraduate degree program.

Currently enrolled students may declare their intent to complete a certificate program at any time. To do so they should contact the Student Services or Advising Office where their primary major is housed, but they are not required to see an advisor before adding the certificate. This is the same process a student would follow to add a second program of study to their record. Also, using the degree audit component of myUK GPS will help determine progress to certificate completion.

The staff who add the certificate to the student's record in MyUK (SAP) should be sure to add the certificate as:

  1. An additional (2nd) program of study if the student is a current degree seeking student or a post-baccalaureate student.
  2. As the primary (1st) program of study ONLY if the student is non-degree seeking or is a post-baccalaureate student who is not pursuing any other credential.

NOTE: Students who have previously earned an undergraduate degree may append a UK undergraduate certificate to that degree once the University of Kentucky has formally accepted that degree (i.e., accepts that student to UK in a post-baccalaureate status). Also, students who pursue only a certificate program (Undergraduate or Graduate) are NOT eligible for federal financial aid.

See the IRIS help site for how to add a program of study in a student's record. Upon adding the information into SAP, myUKGPS will then be updated automatically to show all remaining Certificate requirements Any changes to requirements for the Certificate must be kept up to date since what is listed in myUK GPS degree audit will serve as the official verification of the certificate. Please contact your college or unit contact on the Degree Audit team if there are any questions on this important component for student success.

For faculty directors of certificate programs who are updating and improving your program curriculum, please review the University Senate forms webpage for submitting changes to your program.

List by Academic Home Per College

Agriculture, Food
& Environment


Arts &


Business &

Fine Arts

& Information

Health Sciences



Distillation, Wine and Brewing Studies (DWBS)
This certificate is inclusive of students from all departments and colleges at UK. The Departments of Animal and Food Sciences; Biosystems and Agricultural Engineering; Chemistroy; Chemical and Materials Engineering; History; Horticulture, Plant and Soil Sciences; Retailing and Tourism Management; and Writing, Rhetoric and Digital Studies are all engaged in DWBS. Three key student learning outcomes comprise the DWBS and are accomplished through a cluster of courses. Approved by University Senate Spring 2015.
Faculty Director: Dr. Seth DeBolt, Department of Horticulture (CAFE); and, Dr. Bert Lynn, Department of Chemistry (College of A&S)

Food Systems and Hunger Studies

This 12 credit hour Certificate in Food Systems and Hunger Studies provides students with a cross-disciplinary approach to understanding the impact of food systems on food security, hunger, and the overall health and wellness of a community. Through structured experiential learning opportunities, students will apply knowledge of food systems and the environment to develop and implement evidence-based strategies to end hunger in both the United States and globally. The Certificate in Food Systems and Hunger Studies will complement numerous majors and minors offered on campus, but through a multidisciplinary approach and structured experiential learning opportunities tailored towards the interests and professional goals of the student. Students completing the certificate will have the basic knowledge and skills to provide thoughtful and impactful strategies to promote a sustainable food system and fight hunger and related issues. Approved by University Senate Spring 2018.
Faculty Director: Dr. Tammy J. Stephenson, Department of Dietetics and Human Nutrition, CAFE



Appalachian Studies Undergraduate Certificate
An Appalachian Studies undergraduate certificate may be earned by students in any college at UK. The certificate is interdisciplinary (requiring coursework in at least two colleges) and combines critical analysis with experiential education in the Appalachian region. The coursework and practicum are tailored for each student in consultation with the program director to make the interdisciplinary certificate relevant to the student's major, interests, and career plans. A student planning a health science career might choose a practicum with the UK Center for Excellence in Rural Health in Hazard, KY, for example, and a student interested in sustainable agriculture or elementary education might do a practicum with Green Forests Work, a reforestation and public education program in central Appalachia. The Appalachian Studies faculty spans ten colleges at UK and there are diverse courses available each semester to students enrolled in the Appalachian Studies undergraduate certificate program. Approved by University Senate Fall 2013.
Faculty Director: Dr. Shaunna Scott, Director, Appalachian Studies Program

Global Studies
Open to students in all majors and colleges, this certificate acknowledges a student's ability to live and work in a global community. It documents four components of an internationally focused education: globally oriented courses, study abroad, experiences communicating in more than one language, and cross-cultural activities in the United States. Two short essays allow students to reflect upon all of these experiences. Approved by University Senate Fall 2012.
Faculty Director: Dr. Julie Human, Assistant Professor, French & Francophone Studies, Department of Modern & Classical Languages, Literatures & Cultures

International Film Studies
The certificate in International Film Studies is a highly interdisciplinary program that would allow students to bring the knowledge they have gathered in their home departments to bear on their work in film studies. The certificate will appeal to students in numerous programs, departments, and colleges, including A&S (English, MCLLC, Hispanic Studies, History, Philosophy, Social Theory, etc.), Fine Arts, Design, and Communication & Information. The certificate in International Film Studies emphasizes, in a comparative global context, how the language and history of film intersects with closely related movements in other artistic media, in philosophy and history, and in different cultural traditions. Approved by University Senate December 2016.
Faculty Director: To be determined. Contact person: Jeffrey N. Peters, Professor, French and Francophone Studies, Department of Modern & Classical Languages, Literatures & Cultures

Peace Studies
Peace Studies will benefit students by enhancing their understanding of personal, social, political, cultural and economic issues that reduce or promote prospects for peace. They should gain skills in the analysis of social problems and be introduced to an array of skills in communication, advocacy, conflict resolution, and collaboration that empowers them to become focused actors in promoting a more harmonious and sustainable world. A Peace Program must be able to answer the student's question, "What can I do to foster peace?" as an active citizen or leader or in my chosen vocation. Approved by University Senate Spring 2013.
Faculty Director: Dr. Jesse Johnson, Department of Political Science

Research in Sexuality Studies
This program allows students to explore human sexuality in an interdisciplinary way by encompassing scientific and medical fields as well as humanities and social sciences, and it encourages the study of sexuality transhistorically and crossculturally. The certificate will evidence that students have been trained for fields in which knowledge of diverse perspectives on sexuality is important -- including health-related fields, human resources-related fields, and international scholarship or business. Successful completers will provide leadership in promoting sexuality education with an intersectional and interdisciplinary approach on the college level that profoundly enhances abstinence-only education offered in public high schools. Approved by University Senate Spring 2017.
Faculty Director: To be determined. Contact person: Dr. Carol Mason, Department of Gender & Women's Studies

Social Sciences Research
This certificate will enhance the educational goals of any University of Kentucky student interested in obtaining research experience in the Social Sciences. The certificate is designed to ensure that students receiving it have mastered basic social science research skills, and have demonstrated their ability to apply those skills in independent undergraduate research. The purpose of this initiative is to encourage and recognize those students who have an interest in developing their scholarly and research pursuits in the Social Sciences, and have an interest in pursuing their scholarship in an advanced degree program or in their chosen career. Approved by University Senate December 2016.
Faculty Director: Faculty Directors: Dr. Sung Hee Kim (psychology majors only) (shkim00@uky.edu) or Dr. Alice Turkington (alice.turkington@uky.edu).



Global Scholars
This certificate gives students who have successfully completed the Global Scholars Program the recognition of this accomplishment on their transcripts. This program is designed to prepare those students accepted into the College for careers in international business. Approved by University Senate Fall 2012.
Faculty Director: Dr. Scott Kelley, Department of Marketing and Supply Chain



Undergraduate Certificate in Directing Forensics (website not yet created - PLEASE NOTE: The College of Communications & Information has suspended admissions to the Directing Forensics certificate program for the 2016-17 academic year.)
This undergraduate certificate will prepare students to teach and coach competitive forensics at the middle school, high school, and collegiate levels and serve the growing demand for forensics coaches. Currently, over 300 colleges and universities sponsor this activity at the state, regional, and national level. Over 100,000 students and 3,500 coaches also compete annually in high school competitions across the nation. This certificate serves both current undergraduate students who wish to enhance their ability to teach public speaking and post-baccalaureates seeking additional training or continuing education credits. Approved by University Senate Spring 2015.
Faculty Director: Dr. Will Buntin, School of Information Science

Undergraduate Certificate in Health Communication
The Health Communication Undergraduate Certificate was created in conjunction with the Department of Communication, the School of Public Health, and the Department of Kinesiology and Health Promotion for undergraduate students. The certificate is designed to give students an enhanced education in communication skills critical to health-related professions, beyond what would normally be received from the UK Core. Upon completion of the certificate students will be able to determine how communication impacts the major contributors for disease prevention and control as well as how to identify and analyze communication strategies that are most effective for health promotion and wellness. Approved by University Senate Spring 2014.
Faculty Director: Dr. Kelly McAninch, Department of Communication

Undergraduate Certificate in Innovation & Entrepreneurial Thinking
This interdiscilpinary undergraduate certificate is for students from all majors who want to change their thinking about innovation as a catalyst for creating social and economic wealth in Kentucky and across the globe. Students complete four courses, including two approved elective courses from the student's college. A capstone experience allows students to gain experience and apply entrepreneurial processes to develop their own ideas and projects. Approved by University Senate Fall 2014.
Faculty Director: Dr. Kimberly Parker, School of Journalism and Telecommunication



Universal Design
The Certificate in Universal Design is designed to give students a foundation in the principles of universal design and its application across disciplines. The Certificate will create a focus for students’ scholarly work in developing environments that maximize the engagement of all community members, including people with disabilities. Universal design creates environments and resources that are useable by people across the lifespan. Universal design utilizes a broad set of strategies that promote inclusion and participation of all, particularly people with disabilities, within a diverse world. Approved by University Senate Spring 2016.
Faculty Director: Kathleen Sheppard-Jones,director of the Human Development Institute (HDI), and adjunct professor in the Department of Early Childhood, Special Education and Rehabilitation Counseling, College of Education.



Leadership Studies
The Undergraduate Certificate in Leadership Studies will allow students to demonstrate their preparedness to lead, live, and work in an interconnected and interdependent global community. Students will improve their understanding of leadership and develop the skills needed to lead in their particular field through a series of courses designed to provide a rich leadership focus. Students who participate in this certificate will master these skills and benefit from an additional degree credential, that alongside with their major(s) and/or minor(s) demonstrates their dedication to and experiences with leadership. Approved by University Senate Spring 2014.
Faculty Co-Directors: Dr. Maria Cahill, Assistant Professor, School of Information Sciences(College of Communication and Information) who holds a joint appointment in the Department of Educational Leadership Studies in the College of Education;, & Dr. Kris Ricketts, Community and Leadership Development (College of Agriculture, Food and Environment)



Power and Energy
This certificate gives students the recognition of competency in the power and energy field. Successful completers of this certificate will have an understanding of global energy issues, knowledge of electric power in an area that best fits their particular discipline (focusing particularly in power generation, transmission and distribution, or economics and public policy). Approved by University Senate Spring 2013.
Faculty Director: Dr. Joseph Sottile, Department of Mining Engineering

Production Engineering
The Production Engineering Certificate (PEC) encompasses development of students’ experiences and knowledge, and the application of engineering and scientific principles, in automotive manufacturing. It enhances capstone senior design projects, promotes student understanding of key automotive production processes, and involves students in capstone projects that develop knowledge of problems in and potential solutions for automotive production process design. Design projects within the Core Courses are developed through proposals from industry or an engineering organization. The Core Courses also include a Lean Operations Management requirement in which the students will learn and experience the principles within effective and efficient planning and implementation for industrial production. The Elective Courses include three operation-based aspects vitally important in automotive manufacturing, including automotive painting, body production engineering (welding), and automotive powertrain. The PEC certificate will be affiliated with the undergraduate degree programs in the Departments of Chemical & Materials Engineering, Electrical & Computer Engineering, and Mechanical Engineering. Approved by University Senate Spring 2018.
Faculty Director: Dr. Nelson Akafuah, Department of Mechanical Engineering



Baroque Trumpet
This certificate will offer evidence of a student's specialization in the Baroque Trumpet, aka the "natural trumpet." This instrument is twice the length of the modern valved trumpet and requires an entirely different physical and musical approach. Already popular in Europe, the Baroque trumpet is preferred in performances of music written prior to the 19th century.  Approved by University Senate Spring 2017.
Faculty director: Jason Dovel, Assistant Professor of Trumpet, School of Music

Musical Theatre Certificate for Voice Majors and Musical Theatre Certificate for Theatre Majors
These two interdisciplinary certificates are offered jointly by the Department of Theatre and the School of Music. They will provide an opportunity for students in both units to gain knowledge in an area of study that includes acting, dance, voice and musical theatre techniques. Successful completers of this certificate will be able to synthesize acting, singing and dancing in a musical theatre performance. Approved by University Senate Spring 2013.
Faculty Co-Directors for the Musical Theatre Certificate for Voice Majors: Nancy Jones, Department of Theatre, and Noemi Lugo, Department of Voice in the School of Music



Clinical Healthcare Management
Successful completion of this certificate program will demonstrate that the graduate is prepared to function successfully in a clinical leadership and management role in a health care institution. The program is useful for any currently enrolled UK student interested in obtaining clinical management skills; and, in addition, the program is useful for practicing clinical professionals (non-degree-seeking) such as nurses, physicians, dentists, physician assistants, physical therapists, respiratory therapists and other interested in enhancing their management skills. Approved by University Senate Fall 2013.
Faculty Director: Dr. Sarah Kercsmar, Director of Undergraduate Studies for Clinical Leadership and Management 

Nutrition for Human Performance
This certificate is hosted in the Human Health Sciences department and is co-located with the Departments of Dietetics and Human Nutrition and Kinesiology and Health Promotion. It is ideal for students who are pre-medicine, pre-physical therapy, or pre-physician assistant studies -- and for those who have earned or are currently pursuing undergraduate degrees in nutrition (DHN), kinesiology (KHP), and human health sciences (HHS). This certificate provides a unique opportunity to provide students with a better understanding and appreciation for how nutrition impacts athletic performance and the role of diet and exercise in disease prevention. Approved by University Senate Spring 2016.
Certificate Director: Dr. D. Travis Thomas, Associate Professor, Clinical Nutrition, Department of Clinical Sciences (College of Health Sciences); and, Faculty Co-Directors: Dr. Tammy J. Stephenson, Assistant Professor, Department of Dietetics and Human Nutrition, School of Human Environmental Sciences (College of Agriculture, Food and Environment); and, Dr. Mark Abel, Associate Professor, Kinesiology and Health Promotion (College of Education)

Undergraduate Research in Human Health Sciences
The Office of Research in the College of Health Sciences in collaboration with the Departments of Rehabilitation Sciences and Clinical Sciences is offering an undergraduate certificate in Research in Human Health Sciences. This certificate will enhance the educational goals of any University of Kentucky student interested in obtaining experience in health-related research to benefit the pursuit of a health care career. The purpose of the program is to encourage and recognize undergraduate students who devote a significant portion of their undergraduate education in scholarly and research pursuits within the College of Health Sciences. Approved by University Senate Spring 2015.
Faculty Director: Dr. Gilson Capilouto, Professor & Director of Undergraduate Research, College of Health Sciences



Medical Behavioral Science
This certificate is designed to provide students with an in‐depth study of Medical Behavioral Science concepts; offer experiential learning activities such as conducting health needs assessments and taking part in supervised shadowing placements; and prepare students for successfully managing the both the intellectual and interpersonal demands of medical training. The program's course objectives are aligned with the new Behavioral Science section of the Medical College Admissions Test (MCAT) and with Introduction to Clinical Medicine, the University of Kentucky’s mandatory Behavioral Science course for first‐year medical students. Certificate students will receive tailored, supplementary advising about how to use certificate program experiences to enhance their medical school applications from the certificate program director. Approved by University Senate Spring 2018.
Faculty Director: Dr. Claire D. Clark, Department of Behavioral Science, College of Medicine


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