Mentorship Program

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• To coordinate a program for staff to help them achieve their career goals
• To coordinate a program for staff to gain new perspective, develop new relationships and grow professionally
• To retain staff members 
• To increase awareness of the Staff Senate’s programs 
• To engage university staff in professional career growth opportunities  

The purpose of the Staff Senate’s Mentorship Program is to match a mentee with a mentor from UK’s experienced staff who have the experience, knowledge, and insight that assists the mentee in meeting their professional goals. This program is designed to foster professional development and career growth and provides an opportunity for two colleagues to establish a trusting mentor/mentee partnership.  

Mentors: Mentors will share their professional and organizational knowledge, experience, and contacts while serving as a sounding board and guide for career-focused conversations. 

Mentees: Mentees will share their professional skills, career and networking goals, along with their individual development plans to direct the conversations and learning.  

• Advice and experience with career planning. 
• Exposure to new ideas and interests. 
• Personal satisfaction in sharing your career experience, knowledge, and skills. 
• Opportunity to reflect on your own practices. 
• Enhanced confidence from positive feedback. 
• Greater understanding of the university as a whole.  


• Commit to the full six-month program. This includes recurring communication and interaction with mentee/mentor and completion of forms, surveys, etc. 
• Initiate and maintain interest in the assigned relationship. 
• Assure regular meetings with your mentor/mentee (e.g., virtually via Zoom or Microsoft Teams, telephone, e-mail). 
• Share skills and knowledge from your professional experience. 
• Inspire by providing and accepting positive feedback. 
• Maintain confidentiality. 


Questions? Contact Jon Gent or Caitlin DiBiasie