Outstanding Staff Awards

Over 150 University of Kentucky staff members were nominated recently by their colleges and divisions during the 2020 Outstanding Staff Awards (OSA). This is the eleventh year for the awards program, receiving the highest number of nominations, counting over 300! 

Sponsored by the President's Office and UK Staff Senate, the Outstanding Staff Awards recognize staff members professional accomplishments and who have been given an award within their department on a university level. This year’s ceremony looked a bit different on Zoom, but President Capilouto, Chair Jon Gent, and many others were welcomed by the top 4 finalists of each category, along with their nominators and supervisors. 

12 finalists and 3 winners were named for the Outstanding Staff Awards. Each award is driven by nominations from either student, staff or faculty. 

Outstanding Staff Award winners and finalists were:

·       Faculty Recognition – Joanie Ett-Mims (winner), Melissa Cowan, Kelley Secrest, Bob Perry

·       Student Recognition – Chris Gurtcheff (winner), Max Brown, Kristie Colón, MaKayla Seifert

·       Staff Recognition – Brett Wolff (winner), Jamie Dunn, Demmie Meyers, Cassie Chisholm

Brett Wolff, the staff recognition winner, was also named Outstanding Staff Member of the year. Wolff is an Agriculture Extension Specialist. On top of working with the Center for Crop Diversification, a specialty-crops focused extension program, he also contributes to the Kentucky State University’s component of the SARE program, which aides to sustainable agriculture research and education. When COVID-19 became an issue back in March, Brett developed a series of webinars to help farmers and county extension agents deal with the pandemic’s challenges. These webinars helped farmers learn new options for marketing, and aided farmers market managers in dealing with the pandemic. Prior to the pandemic, he traveled extensively around Kentucky and collaborated with agencies and non-profits to offer educational opportunities to farmers.

The 2020 OSA winners represented over 40 colleges and administrative units across the university. In addition, UK's Addiction Medicine and Consult Service (ACES) Team was recognized for winning the Quilt of Teamwork Award for Nursing Support.

Congratulations to our finalists and department winners for the outstanding achievements! 

The Staff Senate would also like to take a moment to express our gratitude to all of our nominees this year. This year was unprecented for our awards program, receiving the highest number of nominations in program history. We as a body felt like we needed to shine some spotlight on these staff members who were nominated:

  • Jennifer Allen
  • Matthew Allen
  • Amanda Altman
  • Maxwell Ankrah
  • Donna Back
  • Maureen Baker
  • Melissa Barger
  • Joy Barnes
  • Katy Bennett
  • Di Black
  • Kim Blanton
  • Mary Boulton
  • Sarah Bowes
  • Emily Britt
  • Brandy Burns
  • Jacob Chappell
  • Rachel Clark
  • Jessica Clouser
  • Teresa Collins
  • Misty Conrad
  • Grant Cracraft
  • Karen Davidson
  • Barbara Davis
  • Evan Davis
  • Greg Davis
  • Katia Davis
  • Nioka Davis
  • Spencer Davis
  • Melanie Dicks
  • Holly Divine
  • Ray Dowd
  • Terri Dawson
  • Brian Doyle
  • Leslie Duty
  • Maryann Egbuna
  • Rebekah Eldridge
  • Alina Emen
  • Naomi Emmons
  • Andrew Erickson
  • Kyna Estes
  • Megan Feil 
  • Jonathan Furnish
  • Sandy Frey
  • Nancy Garth
  • Vikram Gazula
  • Keith Green
  • Shana Hall
  • Kim Harris
  • Tifffany Hayden
  • Mary Henderson
  • Samantha Hillard
  • Andrea Higdon
  • Benjamin Hughes
  • Julie Jacobs
  • Becky Johnson
  • Isaac Joyner
  • Julianne Kravetz
  • Raja Krishnan
  • Michelle Laur
  • Scarlett Lawson
  • James Lincoln
  • Michelle Lineberry
  • Amy Lorenzo
  • Reilie Lyons
  • Megan Martin
  • Jennifer McIntosh
  • Rebecca Miller
  • Michelle Mossey
  • Rick Mueller
  • Leslie Nicholson
  • Shanna Oram
  • Allo Petro
  • Xana Plum
  • Cleophus Price
  • Suann Reese
  • Diane Riddell
  • Greg Robinson
  • Shavonna Ross
  • Katina Rossell
  • Belinda Rubio
  • Matthew Sanger
  • Amanda Schagane
  • Mohammed Shammisaldeen
  • Trace Sickles
  • Ricky Sloan
  • Nancy Smith
  • Amy Spriggs
  • Steve Staffuer
  • Alec Steckler
  • Caitlin Stamper
  • Tymory Stanton
  • Alec Steckler
  • Martha Tilson
  • Grant Thomas
  • Katherine Thompson
  • Gary Trumble
  • Christina Walker
  • Nicole Webb
  • Shannon Weil
  • Debra Weller
  • Kimberly Wielgus
  • Brad West
  • Chris White
  • Jessica Williams
  • Danielle Wilson
  • Erin Winston
  • Daniel Whittaker
  • Emily Woods
  • Tonya Vance
  • Stephen Young

Any additional questions, please contact Caitlin DiBiasie or Jon Gent