When used in this Code of Student Conduct (Code):

  1. Complaining Witness” means any person (or his or her proxy) alleging a violation(s) of the Code.  UK may designate a Proxy Complaining Witness, or initiate student conduct proceedings without a formal complaint from the victim of an alleged violation of the Code.
  2. Conduct Officer” means a UK Official, who has undergone specialized training, designated by the Dean of Students to determine outcomes in the student conduct process.
  3. Registered Student Organization (RSO)” means a group of persons who have complied with registration requirements as determined by the Office of Student Involvement in accordance with Administrative Regulation 4:1, Registration of Student Organizations.  Groups that seek, but have not yet been granted registered status are also included.
  4. Respondent” means a Student or Registered Student Organization alleged to have violated the Code.
  5. Restorative Action” means any educational or disciplinary measure given in response to a Student’s policy violation.  Restorative Actions are meant to encourage self-reflection and to deter future violations.  Restorative Actions should be connected to the violation, tailored to meet the Respondent’s developmental needs, and intended to repair the harm done.
  6. Student” means any person who is enrolled at UK and who has not completed a program of study in which he or she is enrolled.  Student status continues whether or not UK’s academic programs are in session.  Student status includes those taking courses for credit or non-credit at UK, either full-time or part-time, while pursuing undergraduate, graduate, or professional studies.  Persons who withdraw after allegedly violating the Code or who are living in the residence halls, although not enrolled at UK, are also considered Students.
  7. Student Conduct Hearing Board (Hearing Board)” means a hearing panel authorized to resolve alleged violations contained in this Code.
  8. Student Conduct Report” means any document(s) that describes an alleged violation of the Code.  Student Conduct Reports may include UK incident reports, investigative reports, police reports, or verbal, written, or electronic communication.
  9. Support Person” means an individual who may attend an informal meeting or formal hearing to provide advice, support, or guidance to either the Respondent or the Complaining Witness.  A Support Person may not represent, speak on behalf of, delay, disrupt, or otherwise interfere with a student conduct meeting or hearing.  An attorney may serve as a Support Person, although the attorney’s participation is limited to the role of Support Person as described herein.
  10. UK Activity” means any activity on or off UK Premises that is aided, approved, sponsored, or supervised by UK or a Registered Student Organization.
  11. University Appeals Board (UAB)” means the persons appointed by the President in accordance with Governing Regulation XI to consider appeals of a Hearing Board’s finding.  On appeal, the UAB determines questions as to: 1) whether a Student or Registered Student Organization has violated the Code; 2) specific Restorative Action(s) recommended by the Hearing Board (i.e., social suspension, disciplinary suspension, or disciplinary expulsion); or 3) interim measures imposed by the Vice President for Student Affairs (APSAL).
  12. UK Community” means the Employees, Students, visitors, volunteers, and members of the public.
  13. “UK Official” means:
    1.  Any faculty member;
    2. Any staff employee who acts as an academic advisor or has responsibility for students;
    3. Any other individual who has administrative responsibilities, including but not limited to, deans, directors, department heads, managers, and supervisors, and resident and assistant resident directors.
  14. UK Property” means all property owned, leased, used, or controlled by UK, and includes adjacent streets and sidewalks.