University Housing Community Standards

Life in an undergraduate housing facility is based on the premise that individuals are accountable for their actions to other members of the living unit and to the campus community.  Residents must conduct themselves so that their actions do not interfere with the ability of other residents to sleep, study, or enjoy their environment.  All housing community standards affirm that people must be treated with respect and that property must be used appropriately.


Residence Life staff members are responsible for enforcing the standards set out in the Official Guide to Living on Campus and the Housing Contract. If a student engages in behavior that is considered a violation of one of these standards and/or of the Code of Student Conduct, a Residence Life staff member will write a report of the incident and refer the report to the appropriate individual or office for administrative review and follow up. Follow-up on an incident report means the student will meet with a conduct officer (the student's Graduate Resident Director, Resident Director, House Director, other Housing and Residence Life staff, or a designee from the Office of Student Conduct). After discussing the incident, if the conduct officer determines it is more likely than not the student violated a policy, then a restorative action may be issued. Possible restorative actions include, but are not limited to: written warning, conduct or residence hall probation, restriction of visitation privileges, monetary restitution, community restitution, completion of substance education workshops, participation in educational programs, and transfer to another housing facility. In cases where the violation is very serious or in cases of multiple violations, restorative actions might include cancellation of the student’s housing contract and immediate removal from housing. In cases where a restorative action is issued, the student may request an outcome review. For decisions made by Graduate Resident Directors, Resident Directors, or House Directors, the conduct officer who will review the outcome is the student's respective Area Coordinator or Assistant Director.  Outcome reviews regarding housing contract cancellations are managed through the Office of Student Conduct appeals process. Outcome reviews must be based on one or more of the following assertions:

  1. The information that was available to the conduct officer was insufficient to support the decision that a violation of policy occurred,
  2. The assigned restorative action is too severe for the violation that occurred, and/or
  3. New information is available that was not available during the original student conduct meeting.

Based on the nature and circumstances of the behavior(s), the matter may be investigated and resolved by the Office of Student Conduct. Any resident, regardless of age, evaluated by Emergency Services due to alcohol intoxication or drug use will be minimally referred to the Office of Student Conduct and a substance education workshop.