Additional Information

Student Printing available anywhere:   (Copier/Printer locations)

NEW: When using a student-access computer logged onto AD or MC, you will see two printers: 

  • BW on
  • Color on 
  • colorarch on (for color printing in Architecture lab ONLY!)

Printing to either of these printers will automatically send the logon ID of the person logged on which is tied to his/her Plus account card.

NEW: When using your Wildcat ID /plus account card only your individual print jobs will be displayed.

Release at ANY Ricoh Print Release station. Print jobs will be held in the print queue for 2 hours.  After that time, they are subject to deletion. 

Note: The first time you use a NEW card at a print station, you may be prompted to enter your LinkBlue logon credentials (User ID and Password) to register your card to your account.  This will only happen once per card. NOTICE that doing this will remove the previous card that was registered to your account.

Please feel free to download, distribute, and/or post the attached Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) file at the bottom of the page.

To explore additional information specific to your need, please click an item of interest form the selection below.
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Print Submission

Print Release

Print Submission

Guest/Public Printing
Some computers are available for Guests or Public users, like in the libraries. These users will be able to print using the DART cards.  These cards are available for sale and can be funded at a DART machine.  When printing using one of these cards, a special set of print queues will be installed on select computers for Guest or Public uses.  These operate a bit differently from the Student printing, described above.

When printing using a Plus Account (DART) card, look on the public or shared computer for a set of printers named:

  • B&W Public Printer
  • Color Public Printer

Print to either of these queues (Black and White or Color, depending on your needs) and you will be presented a pop-up window (see below):

Enter the 6-digit number on the front of your Plus Account (DART) card and your print jobs will be processed with that number as the job owner (see example card below).





To release the print job, go to any Ricoh Print Release Station and log on using your Plus Account (DART) card and you will see your print jobs and can pay for them using funds available on the card.

Additional funds can be added to the Plus Account (DART) card, on location at The Dining or Plus Account Office or at one of the many DART machines located at various campus locations. 

If a student is using a "Public or Library" computer the may click the link "I am not a guest" that allows them to enter their LinkBlue ID to identify themself and enabling them the ability to swipe their WildCard ID to charge their account -vs- a student having to purchase a Plus account/ DART card. 

Mobile Printing 

Now you can print from any Internet-capable mobile device (smart phone, tablet, laptop, ect.)

E-Mail Submission:

The Mobile Print system uses e-mail for job submission.  Simply send what you wish to print as an email to one of the following University e-mail addresses.

Note: All email addresses must be registered prior to submitting print jobs to mobile print. Click here for details on registering an email address.  - Will process your print jobs as a Black & White job on Letter size paper  - Will process your print jobs as a Color job on Letter size paper


You may send e-mails with or without attachments.  If you send an e-mail with no attachment, the e-mail itself will be processed as a print job (.  If you send an e-mail with one or more attachments, the e-mail will be processed as one print job and each individual attachment will be separate print jobs.

The print jobs will be available at any Ricoh Print Release Station.  You may decide which (if any) print jobs you wish to release.  Print jobs will be held in the print queue for 2 hours.  After that time, they are subject to deletion. 

Note: If you are printing a file format that is not a valid document type below, please use a client computer to submit your print job.

Valid document types

  • Microsoft® Word  (.doc, .docx, .dot)
  • Microsoft® Excel  (.xls, .xlt,.xlsx, .xltx, .xltm, .xlsm)
  • Microsoft® PowerPoint  (.ppt, .pptx, .pptm, .pot, .pps, .potx, .ppsx)
  • Microsoft® Visio  (.vsd, .vss, .vst, .vdx, .vsx, .vtx, .vdw)
  • Microsoft® Outlook  (.msg, .eml)
  • Microsoft® Publisher  (.pub)
  • OpenDocument
     - The standard file format for open source office applications such as Apache, OpenOffice, and
        LibreOffice  (.odt, .ods, .ott, .odp)
  • Comma Separated Values  (.csv)
  • Adobe Portable Document Format   (.pdf)
  • Rich Text Format  (.rtf)
  • Text files  (.txt)
  • Image formats  (.jpg, .jpeg, .gif, .png, .bmp)
  • Limited HTML support
    • HTML as part of the email body itself.   HTML links or attachments arenot supported for security reasons.

Note:  The Mobile Print solution is only for users with valid University logon credentials.  It is not for Guest or Public users.

Upon submission of the e-mail and attachments, the system will check to see if the e-mail submitted is from your recognized university email address.  If this is the case, you will receive a reply similar to the one below indicating that your job submission has been received and is ready for printing at any Ricoh Release Station.

If you submit the e-mail from a non-recognized e-mail address, you will get the following response and must register you address using your University logon credentials.


Click on the link in the e-mail to connect to the Mobile Print system to register.  You will be prompted for your Logon ID and Password (University credentials).  After you register any new e-mail address, the system will recognize any future e-mails you send from those addresses.


Print Release Methods

Student ID/Plus Account cards are for students and public patrons that are using computers located in the libraries they can simply release their print jobs from by swiping their Student IDs from the Plus account office and choosing the document to release. Public patrons also may swipt their Plus Account card that  cooresponds with the ID number they entered when submitting their print job.


Pharos Web Release enables registered users and/or faculty to release print jobs from any supported mobile or PC web browsers. Take note that Web Release shows both the jobs submitted from MobilePrint and the jobs sent via the standard Pharos Queues.

After the documents are submitted for printing to the MobilePrint email address, you will receive a reply email showing a list of submitted documents, including a link to the Pharos Web Release website.

Example email:

Clicking the link opens the Pharos Web release website. Depending on the device that users choose to release their jobs from, the Web Release user interface varies.

Print Release Options (both from a mobile device and a web browser)

  1. Pharos Web Release website, the user is prompted to log on to the website to release their print jobs.
  2.  After the user successfully logs on, the Pharos Web Release shows their list of documents. It shows both the jobs sent via MobilePrint and those sent through the regular Pharos Queues (if any). It also dislpays the user's remaining balance.

  3.  The user selects the job(s) to print. The user can also preview, delete and change the document options (i.e. print in color, single-sided, double-sided) before printing. This can be done by clicking the specific document that users want to modify and then changing the document options.

  4. The user then selects the printer to send their jobs. If the desired printer is not on the list, the user can search for the printer by typing information such as the Display Name, Manufacturer, Name or Model of a printer.
  5. The user then selects the printer to send the job to. If the desired printer is not on the list, the user can search for the printer by typing information such as IP Address, Manufacturer, Name, or Model of a printer.

         a. On mobile devices, there will be no printer selected the first time a user prints. Click the Printer icon to open the search browser and search for an applicable printer. (Users must search for and add new printers before they will be displayed in the default list on their device.)

         b. On a desktop browser, the user selects the printer to send the job in the Printer field. If the desired printer is not on the list, the user can search for the printer by clicking in the small Search field.

  6. The user then selects the printer to send the job to. If the desired printer is not on the list, the user can search for the printer by typing information such as IP Address, Manufacturer, Name, or Model of a printer.

    NOTE: If the selected job and the Print button are disabled (i.e. grayed out ) and the user gets the error message "One of the selected jobs is incompatible with the selected printer", this means that the user has selected a printer that is not equipped to release the job that in the manner it was submitted.

  7. User clicks Print or Print All and collects the document(s) printed.
  8. After printing the document, it is recommended that the user logs out from the Web Release website by clicking "Log off" from the User Profile name found next to the Total Balance.