Welcome to the University of Kentucky Sullivan Awards

The 2022 Sullivan Awards Committee is seeking nominations for recipients of the 2022 Sullivan Medallions, to be awarded in Spring 2022 Nominations should be based on "such characteristics of heart, mind, and conduct as evince a spirit of love for and helpfulness to other men and women."

Three awards are presented annually - two to students of the graduating class, and one to a person who is not a student of the University.

Nominations should be submitted by February 25, 2022 via email to Professor Gail Hoyt at ghoyt@uky.edu


Awards will be announced in April 2022.

Begin the nomination process by sending a letter of nomination to Dr. Gail Hoyt, chair of the Sullivan Committee, at ghoyt@uky.edu. Letters should be 1 to 2 pages in length, and should describe how the nominee meets the criteria set forth for the Award. (One letter only please, although it can be signed by more than one nominator).