Fill It Forward Face Off

The Fill It Forward Face Off is a waste reduction contest between the University of Kentucky and the University of Florida  to see which schools' students will be the first to log enough water bottle refills to fund a clean water access project. 


How it works:

 1. Pick up a Fill It Forward sticker from the cashiers at The Fresh Food Company and Champions Kitchen

 2. Put the sticker on your favorite water bottle

3. Download the Fill It Forward app and set up an account

 4. Scan your sticker every time you refill

5. Each scan is a step toward earning prizes like free coffee and also enters you to win raffled prizes 

For more information, contact



For every refill scanned on our campus, Cupanion will make a donation to help Wateraid fund a clean water project in Madagascar. We need 423 scans to fully fund the project and we need them fast to win the Face Off. For more information on the clean water project, visit: