As a large campus community consisting of more than 50,000 people visiting each day, we know that transportation is a crucial piece of the sustainability puzzle for the University of Kentucky. We aim to promote sustainability by providing students and employees with a wide variety of mobility choices, as well as encouraging sustainable transportation at an institutional level. Bicycling, walking and public transit provide tangible health benefits and can mitigate the need for large and costly parking facilities. This helps preserve that space and capital for other uses and has a positive impact on air quality and storm water management. Reducing the demand for parking can also result in cost savings for individual members of the campus community. 


UK Transportation Services

Transportation Services strives to improve the quality of life of the campus community through our commitment to providing responsive, sustainable and reliable access to infrastructure and mobility solutions. This is reflected in the wide variety of programs that comprise UK’s growing suite of transportation programs.



In 2015, UK received a sliver rating from the AASHE STARS system. Below are the credits and our scores focused on transportation. 

OP-18: Campus Fleet .08/1.00

OP-19: Student Commute Modal Split .98/2.00

OP-20: Employee Commute Modal Split .31/2.00

OP-21: Support for Sustainable Transportation 2.00/2.00