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Professor of The Month


February & March 2020 Professor of The Month:

Dr. Kelly McAninch, Assistant Professor & Director of Undergraduate Studies in the Department of Communication

Dr. McAninch is a COM101 professor here at the University of Kentucky. What she loves most about teaching is being able to hear students’ ideas in the classroom. Her favorite thing is hearing when a student has a new take on a topic or thinks about a topic beyond its surface level. Those are great moments to have in the classroom. Dr. McAninch values the Supplemental Instruction Program because of the advantage it had with the SI leader being a peer to the students enrolled in the course. There is additional learning that happens in the undergraduate to undergraduate experience. When the students know there is somebody who is easy to approach but also knowledgeable; that is the true value of SI.

Dr. McAninch’s advice for her students is to go to class and take notes. She knows there are way cooler things that students could be doing but there is something to be said for getting in a classroom, figuring it out, and getting ideas down, that is just the bedrock of learning and knowing what is happening. Also, do not be afraid to reach out for help.

The entire staff at the Supplemental Instruction Program wants to thank Dr. McAninch for all of her hard work and continuous support.

Previous Professor of The Month honorees:

  • October, 2019: Dr. Lisa Blue, Lecturer in Chemistry
  • September, 2019: Dr. Peter Perry, College or Arts & Sciences Distinguished Professor
  • February, 2019: Dr. erica Whitaker, Lecturer in Mathematics
  • January, 2019: Dr. Melissa Pittard, Senior Lecturer in Statistics
  • October, 2018: Dr. Nathan Druivenga, Lecturer in Mathematics
  • September, 2018: Dr. Maxwell Ankrah, Academic Coordinator in Physics & Astronomy
  • April, 2018: Dr. Rob Denomme, Lecturer in Mathematics
  • February, 2018: Dr. Pete Mirabito, Associate Professor in Biology

Tutor of The Week

The Study has over 130 amazing tutors on staff and every week we highlight one.  These tutors go above and beyond to support student academic success here at UK.

Fikayo A. (1/26 - 1/31): Fikayo is a new Organic Chemistry tutor this semester and has done an AMAZING job incorporating visuals, asking probing questions, and providing tips for success in his tutoring sessions.



Hayden B (2/2 - 2/7): Hayden is a new MA 110 tutor and has been great at asking probing questions, implementing wait time, and offering resources to help students with self-studying.  He is excelling at identifying knowledge gaps, clarifying concepts, and offering multiple ways to approach a problem.



Leo S. (2/9 - 2/14): Leo is a new Physics tutor and he has been developing helpful demonstrations to represent difficult material, asking great open-ended questions that allow the students to make deeper connections, and distributing his time with groups of students who are working on different assignments.


Nick G. (2/16 - 2/21): Nick is a new MA 113/114 tutor and has been doing a great job on his shifts.  He asks probing questions throughout his sessions and utilizes wait time in order to give tutees the opportunity to reach an understanding. 



Charsey J. (2/23 - 2/28): Charsey is always quick to use probing questions and the Socratic method whenever the opportunity arises.  She thrives at creating an inclusive environment by introducing herself to her tutees and remembering their names and faces whenever they come back into our centers.



Abby H. (3/1 - 3/6): Abby does a great job consistently communicating with her SPCs both on and off the tutoring floor as well as maintaining a positive attitude with her tutees.  She also does a great job using organic chemistry resources such as the textbook, molecular model kit, and whiteboard to help guide her tutees through the material. 


Kaymon R. (3/8 - 3/13): Kaymon is a MA 113/114 tutor and has been doing great at asking probing questions and using wait time to allow students to get to an answer.  He strategically gives hints that guide his tutees to a deeper understanding of the material.  Kaymon makes his tutoring sessions fun and always has a positive attitude.