Professor of The Month

The Study collaborates with academic departments across campus in order to provide accurate and high quality tutoring to students.  Many wonderful faculty and staff dedicate their time and effort to supporting The Study's mission of enhancing students' academic experience as early and often as possible.  The Study's Professor of The Month (POTM) program is one small way we can recognize a few of our valued partners.


September 2019 Professor of The Month: Dr. Peter Perry, College of Arts & Sciences Distinguished Professor

Professor Peter Perry is a MA213 professor here at the University of Kentucky. His favorite pastime is nature photography. He has completed workshops in the Smokey Mountains and is going to the Pine Mountain Settlement School next month for more nature photography practice. When Professor Perry was in college, his favorite class was Mechanics (a sophomore level Physics class) that he took first semester freshman year. He had a very enthusiastic instructor who made physics come alive and drew him to love both Physics and Mathematics. Professor Perry wanted to become a professor in order to help people see the usefulness in Mathematics and share his knowledge with others.

Outside of the classroom, Professor Perry’s favorite part of UK is the Math department. The department is filled with hard working people who teach and inspire him every day. Professor Perry’s one word of advice for his students is to persist. He believes that too often, we hear students say, “I’m not good at math.” But, this does not mean that students cannot change. Students need to maintain a growth mindset and think of their abilities in math as something that can change and evolve over time. Students are able get better and must seek help. Most people learn better when working with others and interacting with those who care about their progress and ability.

The entire staff at The Study wants to thank Professor Perry for all of his hard work and continuous support!


Previous Professor of The Month honorees:

  • February, 2019: Dr. erica Whitaker, Lecturer in Mathematics
  • January, 2019: Dr. Melissa Pittard, Senior Lecturer in Statistics
  • October, 2018: Dr. Nathan Druivenga, Lecturer in Mathematics
  • September, 2018: Dr. Maxwell Ankrah, Academic Coordinator in Physics & Astronomy
  • April, 2018: Dr. Rob Denomme, Lecturer in Mathematics
  • February, 2018: Dr. Pete Mirabito, Associate Professor in Biology

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