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Professor of The Month


November 2021 Professor of The Month:

Dr. Gail Hoyt, Professor of Economics and Gatton College Teaching Fellow

In Gatton’s College of Business and Economics, Dr. Gail Hoyt is often one of the first professors that students meet at UK. Widely known for her introductory course on microeconomics, Dr. Hoyt has earned a reputation for making courses interactive and engaging, even with hundreds of students. Through her years of teaching at UK, she has gone above and beyond with her students to encourage substantive learning and to meet students where they are at. This month, we honored her with our Professor of the Month award and sat down to ask her a few questions about her time here!

Dr. Hoyt has worn many different hats since joining UK’s faculty in 1994 but has enjoyed her role as a teacher the most. While originally completing her doctorate with a primary interest in research, Dr. Hoyt found she loved interacting with students and teaching courses in economics even more. Over the years, she has seen a fair number of trends through her students’ creative assignments; nowadays, this includes economics themed TikToks that she admittedly doesn’t always understand but appreciates, nonetheless. She encourages students to ask questions whenever they can. From raising questions in class, to going over content in office hours, or even asking professors for advice about their future, Dr. Hoyt welcomes it all! At the end of the year, Dr. Hoyt loves to see past students graduate and move on to the next phases of their lives.

If you have had Dr. Hoyt this semester or in semesters past, take a moment to appreciate all of her work for students at UK!


Previous Professor of The Month honorees:

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Tutor of The Week

The Study has over 130 amazing tutors on staff and every week we highlight one.  These tutors go above and beyond to support student academic success here at UK.

Ryan Z (11/1 - 11/5): Ryan is a new, MA 109 tutor who has gone above and beyond showing his dedication to seeing his tutees succeed. He is always willing to stay late on shifts to help tutees (even 45 min), and always comes to work with a smile on his face. Not only this, but he demonstrates fantastic higher bloom taxonomy questions by presenting tutees with a lot of "what if" scenarios to help them think more critically about the content. He continuously encourages his tutees throughout a session, and loves seeking out feedback about his performance on the tutoring floor! 





Ifrah H. (11/8 - 11/12): Ifrah is a mid-semester hire physics tutor, and she has been absolutely crushing it on the tutoring floor. She is quick to GROUP tutor and is so eager to help anyone and everyone. I'm sure those of you who are on shift with Ifrah know that she is a giver too(of candy!!). You would never know that Ifrah only started a few weeks ago, and we are very proud of how great she's been doing out there with having to jump into the middle of the course!





Matthew H. (11/15 - 11/19): Matthew is a veteran MA 162 tutor who excels in GROUP tutoring. He handles having 1 or 10 tutees seamlessly and uses probing questions throughout the tutoring session at a high level. Matthew also is very active in PD discussion and is overall a great member of The Study team!




Garrison P. (11/22 - 11/26): Garrison is very friendly is always happy to be at the board tutoring physics. He even volunteers to help out at the calculus table from time to time when he isn't busy with physics tutees! Thanks to Garrison for always going above and beyond. You make the physics team proud!





Lauren D. (11/29 - 12/3): Lauren is a veteran MA 213 tutor who has consistently wowed us with her tutoring skills all semester long. She is extremely knowledgeable on all things calculus, consistently utilizes probing questions in her sessions, and works with lots of students on her busy shifts. Not only does she excel by our standards, but she makes her tutoring sessions fun and laid-back for her tutees too.





Jillian J. (12/6 - 12/10): Jillian's a veteran Organic tutor who's continuing to give it her all as the semester reaches its end. She's fantastic at GROUP tutoring, is tremendously knowledgeable, engages her tutees with model kits and clever whiteboard use, and is a master of the Socratic Method. She is truly an example of an amazing tutor!!