Professor of The Month

The Study collaborates with academic departments across campus in order to provide accurate and high quality tutoring to students.  Many wonderful faculty and staff dedicate their time and effort to supporting The Study's mission of enhancing students' academic experience as early and often as possible.  The Study's Professor of The Month (POTM) program is one small way we can recognize a few of our valued partners.

February 2019 Professor of The Month: Dr. erica Whitaker, Lecturer in Mathematics 

Professor erica Whitaker is a calculus professor here at The University of Kentucky. Every Fall she looks forward to getting to know her new and unique class of students. Professor Whitaker says that her freshman classes are different each year and that this generation of students are more tech savvy than ever before! She no longer needs to spend time in class giving tutorials on how to work canvas, for example. Due to this trend, her students take notes differently than the traditional paper and pencil method, which she likes to remind her students is the best note taking strategy. Her favorite aspect about being a professor at UK is the large campus size which provides her with many great ways to get involved. Throughout her time here at UK, she has had the opportunity to teach a variety of courses and has been able to meet many students. In addition, she is able to interact with multiple departments through her involvement in different committees. 

Professor Whitaker’s favorite subject in college was a flute class! She believes her instrumental classes helped her to develop performance skills, which she is able to use each day while teaching. Although she has a much different audience than she had during her flute performances, she continues to teach and present in front of a large groups just as she did in college.

A fun fact about Professor Whitaker is that she loves traveling to Seattle and going to the mountains, aquariums, and ferries.

The entire staff at The Study wants to thank Professor Whitaker for all of her hard work and continuous support!


Previous Professor of The Month honorees:

  • January, 2019: Dr. Melissa Pittard, Senior Lecturer in Statistics
  • October, 2018: Dr. Nathan Druivenga, Lecturer in Mathematics
  • September, 2018: Dr. Maxwell Ankrah, Academic Coordinator in Physics & Astronomy
  • April, 2018: Dr. Rob Denomme, Lecturer in Mathematics
  • February, 2018: Dr. Pete Mirabito, Associate Professor in Biology

Tutor of The Week

The Study has over 130 amazing tutors on staff and every week we highlight one.  These tutors go above and beyond to support student academic success here at UK.


February 3rd - 7th: Justin is a new Biology tutor at The Study. He truly cares about his tutees and makes sure that they feel prepared. Justin loves to share his vast knowledge of biology with students and he also provides some helpful advice and tips to his tutees along the way! Great job, Justin!


February 10th - 14th: Vanessa tutors MA 123 and she is always excited to see her tutees! She builds friendships on the tutoring floor and she goes above and beyond at The Study and the Common Hour Reviews to make sure her students are able to ask all of their questions and feel ready for their exams.



February 17th - 21st: Avery is a general chemistry tutor for The Study! She regularly bounces between group tutoring and one-on-one tutoring so that her tutees are all getting the attention they need. Avery always greets her tutees with a smile and she regularly goes the extra mile to make sure that her tutees will be successful in their chemistry courses!




February 14th- 28th: Vertina is a MA 109 tutor for The Study, and she is a natural born leader! She takes the lead with organizing group tutoring and she goes out of her way to make sure that her students understand their content! 


March 3rd- 7th: Will is an organic chemistry tutor for The Study and he also helps to lead GRE workshops for Transformative Learning! Will loves to share his vast knowledge with students and he challenges his tutees to critically think and build on their current understanding by considering new questions!