What is Transformative Learning?

Transformative Learning (TL), housed in the Office for Student Success, is a centralized student support unit on campus, a student’s one-stop shop for on-campus academic resources, including Academic Preparation and Placement, Peer Tutoring @ The Study, Supplemental Instruction (SI) @ The Study, and Integrated Success Coaching (ISC).  Transformative Learning partners with student service programs and academic units across the university to enhance student retention and progress to degree. 

The mission of Transformative Learning is to enhance students' academic experience as early and as often as possible. The leadership team strives to achieve this mission by working closely with students, faculty, and staff across campus in the development and enhancement of programs that will best serve the entire campus community. 

Transformative Learning’s four Pillar Programs are: 

  • Integrated Success Coaching offers services such as individual coaching, which is a proactive, interactive, 1:1 collaboration between the student and Integrated Success Coach that supplements academic instruction and advising at the university. This supplemental process focuses on learning strategies, life management skills, and improving the student’s academic performance. 
  • Academic Preparation & Placement (APP) helps first-year undergraduate students reach benchmarks of college readiness in reading, writing, and mathematics. Each semester, students are enrolled in this state mandated program based on entrance and placement test scores. In each of the three areas, students are met where they are academically through one credit courses. 
  • Peer Tutoring @The Study provides free, drop-in peer tutoring for many UK Core mathematics, sciences, and business courses. Learn from and alongside peers in an open and relaxed group tutoring environment. Drop-in tutoring is offered at The Study Central (Hilary J. Boone Center) , The Study North (bottom level of Jewell Hall), and The Study South (Woodland Glen III large classroom). 
  • Supplemental Instruction @The Study year supports students in applying effective learning and study strategies to challenging course content in order to achieve academic success. SI sessions are offered at the Study Central (Hilary J. Boone Center) and the Study North (bottom level of Jewell Hall). 

In addition to our four pillar programs, Transformative Learning provides the following campus wide resources: 

  • Transformative Learning is now offering free ETS certified GRE Prep Seminars for UK students.  This one-time, 4 hour seminar is designed to provide test-takers with an overview of what to expect when taking the GRE, brush up on test taking and study strategies, as well as review materials for the verbal, quantitative, and analytical writing sections of the exam.