Branch Office Services

Branch Office Services

UK Transportation Services has expanded customer service at our branch office near the UK Hospital. The UK HealthCare office, located in the UK HealthCare Garage (Parking Structure #8), offers many of the services previously available only at our main office. Due to limited staffing, our branch office is geared toward assisting visitors to the UK Medical Center and employees.

We look forward to serving you at our branch location.

  • Location: 110 Transcript Avenue
  • Telephone: (859) 323-8085
  • Office Hours: Monday - Friday, 8:00am - 4:30pm

Services Available

Information: Campus parking maps, building maps, and other parking-related information are available.

Citations: Citations may be paid; citation appeals forms are also available.

Day Pass: If you forget your permit, you may obtain a one-day pass.

Two-week Temporary: If you are a new employee, you may obtain a two-week temporary permit while you are waiting for your department to enter your payroll information with Human Resources. Before the temporary expires, you may return to our Press Avenue Garage office and purchase your permanent employee permit.