Bicycle Information

Riding a bike is one of the best ways to get around campus. If you choose to bike, and we hope you do, remember your bike is a vehicle. Just like a motorist, it is your responsibility to learn and obey the rules that apply to you as a cyclist.

Learn more about biking on campus and beyond by browsing these pages:

Bicycle Advisory Committee
Cold Weather Cycling
DIY Fix-It Stations
Share the Road
Wildcat Wheels Bicycle Library
Bike Share
Indoor Bike Room

Bicycle Maps

The campus bicycle map shows the locations of all the DIY bike fix-it stations, the student-managed bike shop Wildcat Wheelswild, and the nearest bike parking to your building.

View the interactive campus bicycle map.

Bicycle Facilities Map

arrow_downloadBicycle Facilities Map (PDF Format)

Plug-in Note: Download Adobe Reader for free to view PDF documents.

Check out Lexington’s bike map (PDF) for the whole city layout of bike lanes, shared streets, multi-use paths, and preferred routes, in order to help better plan your commute. You can pick up a hard copy at Wildcat Wheels Bicycle Library or at any of the Transportation Services office locations.

Commute Planning

Need help choosing the best route, whether bike-only or multimodal? Transportation Services can help with personalized commute planning, available free of charge to students and employees.

Share The Road

Lexington and the University of Kentucky have partnered with the Share the Road campaign, which promotes safe and courteous interactions between bicyclists, pedestrians and motorists. For more information, visit


Bicycle Parking

Bicycle racks must be used at all times, and are located near most residence halls and classroom buildings. If you notice a need for more bike parking in a particular area of campus, submit a request via the Bike Rack Request Form.

How to Lock Your Bike

Lock your bike only to bike racks. Bikes damage trees, and can block access to buildings for those with disabilities. Bicycles locked to anything other than a rack may be cited or impounded.

Always lock up your bike, even if you will only be away from it for a minute. Use the best lock you can afford (preferably a U-lock, which can’t be easily cut through with bolt cutters).

The lock should always go both around the bike frame and around the post, at minimum. If you have a quick-release wheel, your lock should also go through the wheel.

Watch this video from Wildcat Wheels on properly locking your bike:

Bicycle Friendly University

UK Bicycle Friendly University emblem

Bicycling in Lexington and around campus is becoming increasingly popular as an easy, efficient way to get around. UK’s campus is located in the heart of the city, just minutes from downtown by bike, and other hubs of activity like Chevy Chase and Southland Drive.

The University of Kentucky was recently awarded the Gold-Level Bicycle Friendly University designation from the League of American Bicyclists at the end of summer in 2018, making it the only Gold-Level University in the Commonwealth and in the southeast part of the U.S. UK is one of just five universities in the Commonwealth that has been recognized as bicycle friendly.

The Bicycle Friendly University program evaluates universities efforts to promote bicycling in five primary areas: engineering, encouragement, education, enforcement, and evaluation.

The City of Lexington has also been ranked a Bronze-Level Bicycle Friendly Community by the League, and is only one of two communities in Kentucky to have been designated thus far.

Bicycle Registration

University of Kentucky Transportation Services strongly encourages all members of the campus community who plan to park their bicycle on campus to obtain and display a valid bicycle permit, including employees, students, and frequent visitors.

Bicycle permits are free of charge. Bike owners should have the following information on hand when applying: serial number, bicycle color(s) and name brand/manufacturer. Bike permits are decals which should be adhered to the seat tube, approximately 8 inches from the bottom, facing the front of the bicycle.

Bicycle registration is voluntary, but members of the campus cycling community are highly encouraged to register their bicycles.

Why Register?

  • Your registration sticker acts as a visible theft deterrent.
  • Your permit can potentially save you money. If your bicycle is parked illegally on campus, Transportation Services can contact you directly using the information provided during registration, rather than impounding your bicycle and cutting the lock.
  • Proof of registration can be helpful for filing an insurance claim if your bicycle is stolen.
  • Bike permits aid in theft recovery. Transportation Services can flag your bike as stolen, provide you with your serial number and look for your bike – all provided it is registered with our department.
  • Assists with campus and local bicycle education outreach programs, including the Bike e-News.

Bicycle permits are free of charge. Bike owners should have the following information on hand when applying: serial number, bicycle color(s) and name brand/manufacturer. Bike permits are decals which should be adhered to the seat tube, approximately 8 inches from the bottom, facing the front of the bicycle.

Registering for a Bicycle Permit

You can acquire a bike permit online or in person.

To register online, sign into the Customer Account Manager. You will see “Purchase Permit” available in the menu. Click on that and follow the directions on the next screen. This should take you to a page which allows you to select a bike permit. If you have more than one bike that you wish to register, you may do so at this time. Upon completion of the application, Transportation Services will mail the permit to the recipient. Please note that processing and delivery for online applications may take up to one week.

Permits may also be obtained in person at the Press Avenue Garage (721 Press Avenue), the South Limestone Garage (409 South Limestone) or at Wildcat Wheels Bicycle Library (first floor of Blazer Dining.

Permit Holder’s Rights & Responsibilities

  • Permits may not be transferred to another bicycle.
  • Notify Transportation Services of any transfer in ownership of the bicycle.
  • Ensure that the permit is properly displayed on the bicycle.
  • Pay fees for citations and/or impoundment tied to the permit.

It is the responsibility of all individuals operating any vehicle - motorized or non-motorized to read and understand the Vehicle, Parking & Permit Regulations.

Finding Your Serial Number

Click here for some common places to find the serial number on your bicycle.


Wildcat Wheels Bicycle Library

If you need to borrow a bicycle, please visit the Wildcat Wheels Bike Library. Bike checkout is free with UK faculty, staff, or student ID.

Bike E-News

Read through our past bike e-newsletters to see what new infrastructure improvements have been made recently, to learn about past or upcoming bicycling events on campus, or to learn about road closures and route changes. To be added to the mailing list, enter your contact information below.

Still Have Questions?

Visit our Bicycle FAQ Page or e-mail