Bicycles Overview

If you choose to ride a bike on campus, you’re making a decision that will save you money, improve your health, lessen UK’s carbon footprint and reduce traffic and parking congestion.

Transportation Services supports cyclists through a variety of programs and infrastructure that have earned national recognition. The League of American Bicyclists first rated the University of Kentucky a Bicycle Friendly University (BFU) in 2012 and elevated the BFU status to Gold in 2018. Bicycling Magazine also named UK the most bike-friendly college in America in 2018.

What makes cycling on campus so great? It's a combination of amenities: a bike shop run by students, free bicycle rentals, conveniently located fix-it stations and high-quality bicycle parking, citywide bike and e-scooter share, on-street and off-street facilities, fun bicycle events and monetary incentives and other benefits for not purchase a parking permit!

Continual Improvement

The University of Kentucky is always striving to improve its cycling infrastructure. In fact, a new, comprehensive Bicycle Master Plan has just been completed that will guide the University's cycling-related efforts and improvements over the next five years!

When you ride a bike or e-scooter on campus, remember that you are operating a vehicle. Just like a motorist, it's your responsibility to learn and obey the rules that apply to you when operating on the road or the sidewalk. Please take some time to explore our site and learn about our many bike-related programs, safety information and cycling resources. Follow us on Facebook and join our email list to stay in the know about upcoming bike events on campus.