Bicycle Parking

Wildcat Wheels 15th AnniversaryAll bicycles on campus must be parked at a bike rack. Bike racks are provided at nearly every building on campus, and covered parking is available in many areas. Please see this map to locate bike parking nearest to your location. If you notice a need for more parking in a particular area, submit a request via our Bike Rack Request Form. Bicycles parked anywhere other than at a bike rack are subject to impoundment.

Regardless of how long you will be away from your bike, make sure it is locked properly. Use a high-security bike lock, and make sure the lock goes through both the frame of the bicycle and around the bike rack. Check out this video for more bike locking tips.

Bicycle Registration

UK Transportation Services encourages all students and employees to obtain a bicycle permit, free of charge. Bike permits are stickers which should be adhered to the seat tube, approximately 8 inches from the bottom, facing the front of the bicycle. Registration is voluntary, but has a number of benefits:

  • Your registration sticker acts as a visible theft deterrent.
  • If your bicycle is parked illegally on campus, Transportation Services can contact you directly using the information provided during registration, rather than impounding your bicycle and cutting the lock.
  • Proof of registration can be helpful for filing an insurance claim if your bicycle is stolen.
  • Bike permits aid in theft recovery. Transportation Services can flag your bike as stolen, and provide you with your serial number to aid in the police report.

Those interested in acquiring a permit should have the following information about their bike(s) on hand: make, model, serial number, and bicycle color(s). Serial numbers are usually stamped into the frame of the bicycle, but if you need help locating it you can take the bike to Wildcat Wheels for assistance.

Permits can be obtained in person from the UK Transportation Services office at the Press Avenue Garage, the South Limestone Garage or from the Wildcat Wheels Bicycle Library. Permits may not be transferred to another bicycle. Please notify Transportation Services of any transfer in ownership of a registered bicycle, so that we can update our records.

Impoundment Policy

Illegal Parking: Any bicycle or e-scooter locked to an object other than a bike rack on campus is subject to immediate impoundment, and the bike lock will be cut. 

Abandonment: Vehicles suspected of being abandoned will be tagged with a bright green notice around the frame. If after two weeks the notice has not been removed by the owner, the lock will be cut and the vehicle will be impounded.

Impounded vehicles are kept for a maximum of 90 days. After 90 days the bicycles become surplus property of the University.

If Your Bike is Stolen

First, contact UK Transportation Services to see if your bike has been impounded. If not, contact the UK Police Department to file a report.  Filing a police report on stolen property is the best chance of getting it returned, and also helps UK keep accurate records of crime on campus. Once you have completed your police report, please visit the community stolen bike registry and report your bike as stolen online. This will alert the local bicycling community and bike shops to keep an eye out for your missing bike.

Indoor Bike Room

UK's first-ever indoor bike room is now open to University students and employees. The indoor bike room has parking available for 60 bicycles, four showers, lockers, a fix-it station and water fountains with bottle fillers. It's located in the Healthy Kentucky Research Building, with access from South Limestone, Virginia and Press Avenues. The bike room is secure and is accessible by key card access. Priority for spots is given to cyclists who work or have class in the vicinity of the Healthy Kentucky Research Building. Request a spot today!