Campus Bus Routes

Campus buses are a great option for getting around quickly and reliably. They don't operate on a set time schedule. Instead, they run on a headway system with continuous, frequent service. There's no need to learn complicated or confusing bus schedules—simply find the nearest bus stop and the next bus is never far away.

All campus routes—as well as off-campus Lextran routes—are viewable real-time on the TransLoc app, UK’s GPS-based bus locating system. TransLoc can be accessed at and via the free TransLoc app for Android and iPhones. 

Please Note:  Campus transit services have been temporarily adjusted as a result of the University’s response to the Coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak and the subsequent modifications to campus operations and academic instruction. During the Fall 2020 semester, the White Route has been suspended. Instead, all available buses will run on the clockwide Blue Route. Please see this story for more details.

Blue Route Monday - Friday
6:45 a.m. - midnight
Every 7-10 minutes
White Route * Monday - Friday
6:45 a.m. - midnight
*Service suspended during the Fall 2020 academic semester
Green Route Monday - Friday
6:45 a.m. - midnight
Every 15 minutes
Yellow Route Saturday & Sunday 
Noon - Midnight
Every 15 minutes
On-Demand Service Monday - Friday
Midnight - 5 a.m.
Call 221-RIDE (7433) for pick-up. Service limited to UK Campus.
Orange Route (UK HealthCare) Monday - Friday
5:00 a.m. - midnight
Every 3-5 minutes

How to Ride Campus Buses

  • Buses are only permitted to stop at designated bus stops. Please don't attempt to flag down the bus at other locations.
  • Look for the route name displayed on the front of the bus.
  • Wait to board until riders have finished exiting the bus.
  • To indicate that you need to depart the bus, pull the cord above the window or say "Next Stop" to alert the driver; be sure to do so with enough advance notice for the driver to safely come to a stop. Allow the bus to come to a complete stop before you stand to exit. Exit at the rear whenever possible.
  • If you have any questions about your trip, ask the driver.
  • If you lose something on the Blue, White, Green or Yellow routes, please contact Lextran at 859-253-4636. If you lose something on the Orange Route, please email