Free City Transit

The University of Kentucky and Lextran are extending their successful free city transit program, formerly know as BluPass. This partnership began July 1, 2015 and allows UK students, faculty and staff to ride any Lextran route free of charge, simply by showing their valid Wildcard ID.

This free citywide transit program is funded by UK Transportation Services as a proactive effort to decrease single occupancy vehicle use, give members of the UK community more transportation options and to ultimately reduce campus parking demand.

This program complements UK's existing on-campus transit service and is designed to offer a safe, affordable and sustainable alternative to driving a car. It has a number of benefits. Those who were already riding Lextran prior to the introduction of free citywide transit experienced an immediate cost savings with a fare-free commute. Students and employees who switched to mass transit after the introduction of the program also saw reduced vehicle operating and parking costs, along with a smaller carbon footprint.

For more information on Lextran routes and schedules, please visit If you have questions, you can also email