Motorized Personal Mobility Vehicle Use Policy

The University of Kentucky has adopted a Motorized Personal Mobility Vehicle Use Policy, which outlines the university's expectation of students, staff and faculty when operating a vehicle on campus. Below is the full text:


The University of Kentucky promotes transportation options which improves or expands access to, from, and around campus. The following policy is designed to ensure that low speed Motorized Peronal Mobility Vehicle programs and options which meet this need are implemented in such a way so as to maintain a safe and well-regulated campus.


“Motorized Personal Mobility Vehicle (MPMV)” is a motorized personal transportation device that includes, but is not limited to bicycles, scooters, skateboards, segways, onewheels, etc. that:

  • is powered by an electric motor or internal combustion engine that is capable of powering the device with or without human propulsion;
  • has an engine capable of producing not more than 750 watts of power or less than one (1) horsepower; and
  • has a maximum speed not to exceed 20 mph on a flat surface under motor power alone.

“University property” or “campus” includes, for the purposes of this policy, any property owned, leased, or controlled by the University, including: sidewalks, walkways, buildings, grounds, parking lots, structures, athletic and recreation facilities, and streets - as well as streets and roads adjacent to any property owned, leased, or controlled by the University.

Entities Affected

This policy applies to all colleges, departments, organizations, or individual members of the University community, including faculty, staff, students, contractors, volunteers, patients, customers, and visitors operating a MPMV on University property.



MPMVs should be operated in a safe and courteous manner at all times. In addition to adhering to requirements in the manufacturer’s owner’s manual, the following policies apply to the operation and use of MPMVs:

  1. MPMVs should operate within bike lanes when available, on streets, and designated campus sidewalks or shared-use paths (except in heavily congested pedestrian areas)
  2. MPMVs must obey all traffic signs and signals and follow traffic laws.
  3. MPMVs must yield to pedestrians at all times.
  4. Operators must dismount MPMVs in heavily congested pedestrian areas.
  5. MPMVs must ride with the flow of traffic. Do not travel the wrong way in a bike lane or on a street.
  6. MPMVs are to be used for mobility purposes only. Racing, stunt and trick riding is prohibited.
  7. Headlights and reflectors are required for operating MPMVs in low light conditions - either on the operator or the MPMV.
  8. MPMVs are prohibited in any campus building or on elevated pedestrian walkways.
  9. MPMVs may only operate on paved surfaces.
  10. MPMVs requiring electrical charging must meet electrical safety standards set forth by the Underwriters Lab (UL) and be certified as UL Listed. MPMVs not certified by the UL are prohibited on University property.


MPMVs must be parked at or adjacent to bicycle racks or other designated areas, which can be found on the campus bicycle map.

  1. MPMVs may not block walkways, entries to buildings, or obstruct disabled access.
  2. MPMVs may not be placed adjacent or affixed to structures or architectural elements, including but not limited to: handrails, trees, fences, bus shelters, benches, light poles, signage, or parking meters.

Restricted Regions

The University reserves the right to designate dismount zones or reduced speed zones at any time and on any part of campus if deemed necessary. When and if implemented, MPMVs will be subject to the restrictions set forth in those regions, which will be designated with signage.


Any MPMV operators that do not follow the policies outlined herein are subject to fines, impoundment, or other sanctions.


  • Use of a helmet while operating a MPMV is strongly recommended.
  • Use of headphones or ear buds while operating a MPMV is not recommended.
  • When passing pedestrians, slow down and allow plenty of clearance.

Other Vehicles

For the purposes of the University of Kentucky, any MPMV that exceeds the engine capacity or speed parameters set forth above are in the same class as motorcycles, and therefore are not permitted to operate on sidewalks, in bike lanes, or park at bicycle racks. Motorcycle-class vehicles must purchase a parking permit and park in motorcycle parking areas.