Commuter Rewards Program

The Commuter Rewards Program is a way for UK employees and off-campus students who are members of Commute Club to earn points for each emissions-friendly commute they log with the Ride Amigos app or web platform. The points can then be redeemed for prizes on an annual basis.

Commute Mode One-Way Two-Way (max per day)
Bike or Walk 1.5 points 3 points
Ride the Bus 1 point 2 points
Carpool or Drop-Off/Pick-Up 0.5 points 1 point
Drive Alone 0 points 0 points


  • Commutes can only be logged on days that you work or have class.
  • Extraneous trips (to the grocery, to a doctor’s appointment, etc.) will not be counted.
  • More than one round trip to and from campus per day will not be counted.
  • Maximum five days per week will be counted, regardless of if you work or have class more than five days per week.
  • Commutes that occurred more than two weeks prior cannot be back-logged. Points can only be earned for trips logged within two weeks of the date of the commute.

Points Prizes

Prizes are available for every 100 points earned. Your points accumulate year after year, but max out at 700, after which the recipient must cash in. Points can only be redeemed one time per year, at the annual banquet.

Recognition Tiers:

On an annual basis, commuters will be recognized for their commuting habits and will receive an additional prize--outside of the points prizes they choose--based on their total earned.

Recognition Tiers Employees Students
Bronze 201 points 130 points
Silver 402 points 260 points
Gold 603 points 390 points

Commuter of the Year

The student and employee who earn the most points in a calendar year will receive special recognition and a grand prize.

Commute Club Banquet

Points prizes, recognition tier prizes, and commuter of the year awards will be given out at an annual Commute Club Banquet. Members of Commute Club will receive invitations and notifications about this event as it draws near.