Catch the Breeze! Biking & Scooting on Campus

By lasu224 · August 23, 2021

We’re rolling into some of the best days of the year for biking and scooting on campus. As summer heat gives way to more moderate temperatures, these options provide a perfect way to enjoy and explore UK.

The University of Kentucky encourages students and employees to commute sustainably through our transportation incentive programs like the Bike Voucher Program, Cash Out, Commute Club, and Big Blue Cycles.

Biking @ UK
If you’re new to campus, you’ll find that UK is extremely bike-friendly, with a large variety of resources available for cyclists. Explore all of them by visiting our website and learning why UK has been called the “Most Bike Friendly College in America” by Bicycling Magazine. Below are just a few of the cycling resources available to you:

  • An on-campus bike shop – Wildcat Wheels – manned by knowledgeable students who can help with maintenance issues for free!
  • Free bicycle rental options, in case you don’t own your own bike
  • Bike racks located outside nearly every building on campus
  • A bike parts vending machine featuring popular parts, located just inside the Wildcat Wheels shop in Blazer Dining.
  • DIY Fix-It stations scattered throughout campus
  • A secure Indoor Bike Room with showers and a DIY fix-it station, located inside the Healthy Kentucky Research Building
  • Events and giveaways! Follow us on Facebook or sign up for our e-newsletter to find out about upcoming social gatherings or biking swag.

Scooting @ UK
E-scooters are still relatively new to campus but are gaining in popularity. UK chose Bird as its preferred e-scooter vendor, which means that the company deploys and redistributes scooters on campus. At only $1 to unlock plus 15 cents per minute, they’re a relatively low-cost way to travel.

Are you new to Birding? Visit our website to learn everything you need to know to get started.

Follow the Rules of the Road
When biking or scooting, always exercise caution when interacting with other bicyclists, pedestrians, and other motorized vehicles. UK has a formal policy outlining correct usage and the University’s expectations, so take a few minutes to read the policy and to also review our safety and resources information.

One of the most basic rules when biking or scooting is to always yield to pedestrians. This means slow down and scoot over to pass someone on foot and always give audible warning. Be polite! Dismount to pass when sidewalks are crowded or narrow. Both bikes and e-scooters are prohibited in buildings and on elevated pedestrian walkways.

When riding on the road, follow the same rules you would if you were driving a vehicle.

Parking Bikes & E-scooters on Campus
Don’t risk impoundment! Both bikes and Birds must be parked properly. This means that they must be parked either at bike racks or in shared mobility areas and they can’t hamper ingress or egress to buildings or impair accessibility on sidewalks.

Bikes should never be chained to trees, and both bikes and scooters can’t be placed adjacent to or affixed to structures or architectural elements such as handrails, fences, bus shelters, benches, light poles, signage, or parking meters.

When parking your bike, always remember to secure it with a high security lock, such as a U-lock.

If you have questions about biking or scooting on campus, email UK Transportation Services at Sign up for our Bike E-news to get all the latest information and follow us on Twitter @UKParking and on Facebook @UKWildcatWheels.

UK Transportation Services strives to improve the quality of life on campus by offering responsive, sustainable and reliable access to infrastructure and mobility solutions. To learn more about transportation options, follow Transportation Services on Twitter @UKParking, or visit us online at