Need a Parking Permit? Contact UK Transportation Services

By lasu224 · January 19, 2023

While it may initially seem like a good idea to purchase a UK parking permit from a friend or online through a message board, please note that such activity is unauthorized under university regulations. UK parking permits are registered to the individual and can’t be transferred or resold. Valid parking permits are only available from UK Transportation Services, where they are assigned to the individual’s account.
If you’re considering selling a parking permit that you no longer need, please be aware that you will be responsible for future parking violations incurred under your permit. These violations can lead to a hold being placed on your account, which will inhibit your ability to register for future classes, purchase permits in the future, or prohibit you from obtaining an official University transcript.
Similarly, if you purchase a parking permit from an individual, know that the permit is considered invalid, making your vehicle subject to citation and/or impoundment.
Permit holders who no longer need their parking permits can return them to UK Transportation Services and receive a pro-rated refund. Either return the permit to our customer service center, located at 721 Press Avenue, or email UK Transportation Services for instructions on how to return the permit via email.
If you purchased a permit from an individual not realizing that the permit isn’t valid for you, please contact our office and staff will assist you in obtaining a new one.
Please see UK’s parking regulations for additional details concerning permit ownership responsibilities.

If you have questions or need more information, email UK Transportation Services or call our office at 859-257-5757.

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