Employee Reserved

Employee ReservedThe University maintains a limited number of reserved parking areas on campus with the majority of spaces located on the UK HealthCare campus and small number on main campus. Reserved permits are not available for purchase by the general campus community. Permit allocations are assigned to the various campus sectors with purchase authorization determined by the president, provost, appropriate executive vice president or designee.

Reserved permits provide the highest level of convenience and predictability at a higher price point than employee intermediate and employee core parking permits. Transportation Services manages the number of permits issued for designated reserved parking areas to ensure that reserved permit holders will be able to find parking within their assigned lot, garage or area. 


2023-2024 Monthly Price: $126
2023-2024 Annual Price: $1,512

Permits are valid July 1 through June 30 of the following year. Reserved parking is available on payroll deduction for most UK employees. Reserved permits are sold on a 12-month basis.

Parking Locations

UK HealthCare Reserved Parking Locations:

  • E3: Kentucky Clinic Garage (PS #3)
  • E4: Good Samaritan Garage, ED surface lot, MOB lot
  • E8: UK HealthCare Garage (PS #8)
  • E25: Veterans Drive Lot

UK Main Campus Reserved Parking Locations:

  • E20: Administration Drive
  • E21: College View Circle

Parking Privileges and Control Hours

Employee reserved permits are issued for a specific parking garage, lot or area. Reserved permit holders may only park in their assigned reserved parking area and are not eligible to park in any other core or reserved parking area unless otherwise authorized. Reserved permits also authorize the permit holder to park in any employee intermediate or periphery parking area, in addition to their designated reserved area. However, signage at the entry to parking areas and any additional control signage, curb markings and other parking control devices within these areas take precedence over maps and general campus information.

In general, most employee reserved parking areas are enforced for permits under the following schedule:
UK HealthCare reserved permit control hours:  24 hours / seven days per week
UK main campus reserved permit control hours:  24 hours / seven days per week

Application Process and Calendar

UK HealthCare Reserved permit application can be found here.
Online, phone & in office reserved permit renewal sales:  Wednesday, May 17

Permit effective date: July 1