Visitor Parking Overview

Whether you're here to attend a conference, visit a friend or family member, or inquire about admission to the University, we hope that your visit to campus will be a pleasant one.

Before you arrive, please take a few minutes to explore your parking options. Because UK is located in an urban environment, parking spaces can sometimes be limited. Visitors do have a variety of options, though, including meters, garages and surface lots. Short-term visitors may enjoy the convenience of paying an hourly rate at parking meters or in garages and those who plan to be on campus for a longer period of time may opt to purchase a single day pass or a scratch-off permit, which will allow them to park all day. These passes are a cost-effective way to park for longer periods of time.

Scratch-off permits resemble scratch-off lottery tickets; users simply scratch off the day, month and year when the permit will be used. They can be purchased in multiples and used whenever one need to visit campus. Scratch-off permits are valid in non-gated surface lots and structures. They're available online and at the Transportation Services main office, located at 721 Press Avenue.

Parking options also vary significantly by the day of week and even the time of day. Weekend parking is generally more open, as is parking after business hours on weekdays.

Below are some options based upon the purpose of your visit:

  • If you're planning to attend a UK Athletics event, please visit the UK Athletics Game Day page.
  • If you're visiting a friend or family member in a UK HealthCare facility or if you have a personal appointment in the UK HealthCare facilities, please visit this page.
  • Are you planning to travel with a group? If so, see our special events parking page for information about arranging for group or event parking in advance.

See our parking options page for additional details. Please note that some of our parking lots and structures on campus are also quite large, so if you sometimes have trouble remembering where you left your vehicle, review these useful tips.