Ride Share Overview

Transportation Services offers a wide variety of ride sharing options with the goal of alleviating as many mobility challenges as possible. Whether you own a car or not, chances are that a service exists to help you get to, from and around campus and throughout Lexington. 

One of our most popular ride sharing options is Kentucky Wildcab, a late-night cab service that provides students and employees access to campus and the surrounding areas. Much like Uber or Lyft, individuals can request a ride, get picked up and dropped off. This program is operated by Transportation Services and funded, in part, by UK's Student Government Association and the Student Transportation Fee Council. Read more about Kentucky Wildcab. 

Zipcar is another ride-sharing option on campus. Zipcar is a low-cost, car rental service available to UK students and employees. For as little as $7.50 an hour, individuals can drive on or off campus with gas, insurance and maintenance covered. Transportation Services has partnered with Zipcar to offer four cars, spread across campus for easy access. Unlike a traditional car rental, Zipcar users only have to be 18 years of age or older. Read more about UK's partnership with Zipcar. 

Transportation Services also offers a commute planning service that helps individuals navigate the number of ways to travel to and from campus. Our commute planning service is a great way to cut through the clutter and find your best transportation alternatives.

New this year, UK is partnering with Ride Amigos to offer the UK community a service to find ride-sharing partners. More details about this program are available here.