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We are in the midst of an important conversation at the University of Kentucky about how we better foster a campus community for all people. We must be a place where we celebrate the myriad backgrounds, perspectives, identities, and abilities that define the UK family's vibrant tapestry of people and ideas. 

To that end, over the last several weeks we asked you to engage in this conversation through a campus-wide climate survey that solicited feedback from students, faculty, and staff. I want to thank the more than 8,000 individuals who completed the survey. We hear you, and our team is beginning to review and analyze the results. Your input will be vital to informing campus leadership as we embark on this important initiative.

The climate survey is one of many steps my administration - in concert with other campus units and people - has taken over the last academic year. All of our efforts are part of meeting the key priorities in our strategic plan and ensuring that our campus is a place that is inclusive, supportive, and welcoming of all people.

The survey is one step in our march. Now we must take another. 

Already, several initiatives to build a more inclusive campus are underway. We’ve developed a dedicated website for information on events, programs, the Unconscious Bias Initiative, and engagement opportunities for this important priority. We will also post summaries of the survey results during the fall semester.

Ultimately, if we hope to succeed in building a more inclusive and diverse campus, and reduce the instances that detract and demean our community, our work must be about more than numbers. The only way to move forward is to walk together, to listen to one another, and to learn from each other, so that we may collectively foster a better University of Kentucky for everyone who is part of our campus. 

I look forward to continuing our march. 

Thank you,

Eli Capilouto