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The Spring 2023 faculty trustee election has concluded. Professor Hollie Swanson is the winner and will serve a three-year term as faculty trustee, beginning July 1, 2023.

Information about all faculty trustee elections, including the one that just finished, is available here


Senate Council Officers

DeShana Collett (College of Health Sciences)

Vice Chair
Leslie Vincent (Gatton College of Business and Economics)

Office Personnel

Sheila Brothers (859) 257-5872

Ms. Brothers' responsibilities include programs, certificates, items for Senate committees, degree lists, SC & Senate meetings, Chair's calendar, SC/Senate minutes, and Curriculog management.

Ann Eads (859) 257-5871

Ms. Eads' responsibilities include courses, Undergraduate Council, UK Core, GCCR, second reinstatement & retroactive withdrawal requests, HCCC and Curriculog management.

Katie Silver (859) 218-4077

Ms. Silver's responsibilities include, second reinstatement & retroactive withdrawal requests, HCCC, social media & website management, newsletter, Chair's calendar, and SC/Senate minutes.

Mailing address: 203E Main Building, -0032

Faculty Trustees

Aaron M. Cramer, '25 (College of Engineering)

Hollie Swanson, '23 (College of Medicine)