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Academic Advising Committee

Roster Year: 
  • Ming-Yuan Chih, '23
  • Yanira Paz, '24
  • Jamie Dunn, '22
  • Bethany Fugate, '23
  • Vacant - Advising Network Representative
  • Vacant - Student Senator
  • Vacant - Student Senator
  • Vacant - Student at Large
  • Kirsten Turner, ex officio
Current Items for Review
  • Request from Senate Council - In terms of the specific request to the Senate's Academic Advising Committee, the SC was concerned about the overall issue of dual degrees versus a single degree with two majors, noting that it was relatively common for SC to be asked to rescind a single degree with two majors in order to confer two degrees with two majors. The SC moved a motion to ask the Academic Advising Committee to consider the larger issue of degree approval and advising and to offer advice to the SC. The specific issue pertains to situations in which a student is eligible to receive two degrees, but for some reason (advisor error or student error) the student ends up with a single degree with two majors instead of two degrees with a single major, each.
Senate Rules

The Senate's Academic Advising Committee (SacAC) shall consist of three elected faculty members from the University Senate who are currently advising students; three students (two student senators and one student at large) to be selected by the Senate Council upon the recommendation of the President of the Student Government Association; three professional advisors, selected by a process adopted by the UK Advisors Network and the Senate Council; and one ex officio member: the Associate Provost for Undergraduate Education. The committee shall:

  1. Regularly review the effectiveness and accountability of academic advising throughout the University
  2. Set standards for the quality of academic advising
  3. Make recommendations to the Senate Council regarding academic advising
  4. Advise the Senate Council about all recommendations or proposals to the Senate regarding academic advising.