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Academic Organization and Structure Committee (SAOSC)

To request a change to UK's academic organizational structure, such as combining two academic departments into one department or moving a degree to a new home academic unit, please fill out the SAOSC's cover sheet and review the SAOSC's guidelines to determine which questions are pertinent to the proposal and must be answered.




Roster Year: 
  • Adib Bagh, '20
  • Susan Barron, '22
  • Chen Chung, '20
  • Beth Connors-Manke, '20
  • Al Cross, '19
  • Liz Debski, '21
  • Gregory Hall, '20
  • Debra Harley, '20
  • Samuel Mardini, '20
Current Items for Review
  • Proposed Name Change from the Department of Statistics to the Dr. Bing Zhang Department of Statistics (PDF)
  • Proposed Move of BA and Minor in Environmental and Sustainability Studies from College to Department of Geography (PDF)
  • Proposed Move of BSHPS in Plant and Soil Science from Department of Plant and Soil Science to Department of Horticulture (PDF)
  • Proposed Name Change of College of Law to the University of Kentucky J. David Rosenberg College of Law (PDF)
  • Proposed Name Change of the Department of Early Childhood, Special Education and Rehabilitation Counseling to the Department of Early Childhood, Special Education, and Counselor Education (PDF)
Past Items for Review
  • None, as of October 19, 2018.
Senate Rules

The Senate's Academic Organization and Structure Committee (SAOSC) is charged to:

  1. review and recommend to the University Senate priorities on all proposals for new educational units (colleges, schools, departments, graduate centers, multidisciplinary research centers and institutes; interdisciplinary instructional programs)
  2. review all proposals for abolishment or merger of existing educational units;
  3. review all proposals for major changes in organization and structure of educational units;
  4. make appropriate recommendations to the University Senate (and through the Senate to the President and/or Provost) regarding creation, abolition or alterations in organization or structure, or reporting relationships, of educational units throughout the University;
  5. Study and report to the Senate on matters pertaining to faculty size and strength, and student enrollment. [US: 3/12/84]