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Meeting of the: 
Meeting Date: 
Thursday, May 27, 2010
Agenda is Below: 

(LOCATION CHANGE: SC will be meeting in the Lexmark Public Room, 209 Main Building.)

  1. Minutes and Announcements
    • Proposed Changes to Governing Regulations 7 ("University Organization") - Richard Greissman
  2. Honorary Degrees (PDF)
    1. How will December commencement affect the number of Honorary Degrees offered in one year? (PDF)
    2. Off-cycle Conferral (PDF)
  3. Gen Ed Approval Process for Fall 2011 Effective Dates (PDF)
  4. Comments from "Improve the Senate" - the Senate Council Responds (PDF)
  5. Enhancing Communication Between:
    1. Faculty and the Senate
    2. Faculty and administrators
    3. Senators and representative groups
    4. The Senate and its committees
    5. The Senate and faculty councils
    6. The Senate Council and Senate, and how faculty bring forward concerns
    7. Faculty, staff and students
      1. Possible Solutions
        1. Promote more electronic communication before and after meetings - listservs?
        2. Regular meetings of chairs of faculty councils?
        3. Liaisons b/w Senate and faculty councils?
        4. Regular meetings of Senate committee chairs?
  6. Senate and Senate Council Agendas
    1. Include regular reports from Senate committee chairs.
    2. Streamline the Senate's pro forma duties.
      1. What are the pro forma duties?
    3. Increase focus on larger issues.
      1. What are the larger issues?
    4. EXAMPLE: University of Louisville's Executive Committee 2009 Report (PDF)
  7. Reinvigorate Standing Senate Committees
    1. Examine Standing Committees and Charges (PDF)
  8. How to Incorporate Standing Senate Committees with Existing Administrative Committees?
    1. Office of Sponsored Projects Administration / Senate's Research Committee
    2. University Committee on Academic Planning and Priories / Senate's Academic Planning and Priorities Committees
    3. Administrative Regulations 10:2 ("Information Technology Advisory Committees")
  9. Identify Senate Council's Goals/Key Issues for 2010 - 2011
    1. University of Washington Faculty Senate (PDF)
  10. Additional "Improve" Thoughts & Ideas
    1. Swanson to delegate responsibility for identifying Senate document handling system to vice chair.
    2. Swanson invited to attend Provost's August retreat on the budget.
    3. Swanson to meet individually with SC members to learn more about respective colleges.
    4. Swanson to confer with other universities' Senate chairs.
    5. Faculty (and staff?) employment Ombud/mediation committee.
    6. In September, request Frank Butler to deliver "State of the Budget" to the Senate, along with the President's "State of the University" address.
      1. By November, SC follows up with "Senate Council Response to State of the University" address.
      2. By November, Senate's Institutional Finance and Resource Allocation Committee follows up with "SIFRAC Response to "State of the "Budget" address.
  11. Potential Agenda Items for July Retreat
    1. Finalize Specific Charges for Senate Committee
    2. Faculty Governance Decision Making Over the Summer
    3. Centers
      1. Proliferation of centers.
      2. Crystallize thinking about what needs to be clearly & separately elaborated in proposals concerning Multidisciplinary Research Centers/Institutes (MDRC/I).
        1. When MDRC/I is proposed, there are actually two proposals at issue:
          1. A proposal for establishment of the infrastructure (the Center, its staffing, its budget); and
          2. A proposal for the kinds of educational program activities that faculty time will be assigned to perform.
        2. For the Senate to perform its functions to advise on the former (a), and to make final University decisions on the latter (b), the proposals themselves need (guidance to have) separate and clear description/justification/evaluation of the infrastructural component versus the educational program component.
          1. Discussion with James Tracy about establishing evaluation criteria.
      3. Discussion on What Constitutes Significant Reduction for Educational Programs
      4. Discussion on Fall 2011 Gen Ed Implementation Process
      5. USP Oral Communication Requirement Suspension (ended with incoming class of 2009)
      6. Detailed information about changes to Governing Regulations 7 ("University Organization")
      7. Jensen/Anderson Report on Issue of Submitting Grades in a Timely Manner
      8. Academic Readiness Program