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Meeting of the: 
Meeting Date: 
Monday, October 5, 2015
Agenda is Below: 
  1. Minutes from September 28, 2015 and Announcements (PDF)
  2. Naming of Reinstatement Committee
  3. Committee Reports
    1. Senate's Retroactive Withdrawal Appeals Committee (SRWAC) - Tom Nieman, Chair
      1. 2014-15 Annual Report (PDF)
      2. Proposed Changes to Retroactive Withdrawal Application Form
        • Current Form (PDF)
        • Form with Proposed Changes Tracked (PDF)
        • Form with Changes Accepted (PDF)
    2. Senate's Admissions and Academic Standards Committee (SAASC) - Scott Yost, Chair
      1. Proposed Changes to Senate Rules & (Numeric Grading in College of Medicine) (PDF)
  4. Identification of Faculty Nominees for Various Committees
    1. Periodic Program Reviews (Colleges of Engineering, Medicine, Business and Economics, Law, Dentistry, Health Sciences and Libraries)
    2. Sexual Assault Misconduct Hearing Panel and Appeals Panel
    3. University Honors Program Committee Composition
  5. Senate Forms
    1. New Undergraduate Certificate (PDF)
    2. New Graduate Certificate (PDF)
    3. Change Certificate (PDF)
    4. New University Scholars Program (PDF)
    5. New Master's Degree (PDF)
  6. Tentative Senate Agenda for October 12, 2015 (PDF)