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Quick Reference Guides

  • See below for deadlines regarding effective dates for different types of curricular proposals. PLEASE NOTE that for 2021-22, some deadlines are earlier than in the past.

  • Course approval checklist and program approval checklist used by Senate's academic councils during the review process.

  • List of CPE-Approved Degree Designations (CPE website)
  • Including courses "borrowed" from another unit, what types of approvals are needed for curricular proposals? (PDF)
  • If I'm creating a syllabus, what must be included?
  • How can I find out how curricular items are processed within UK? (PDF)
  • How do I determine a course's meeting pattern and associated number of credit hours for different meeting pattern types? (Exceptions, based on academic merit, may be made by the University Senate upon the recommendation of the appropriate academic council.) (PDF)
  • Which Academic Programs Can Be Homed in Which University Educational Units (PDF)
  • FAQ on Professional Master's Degrees
  • Lists of Existing Undergraduate Certificates (PDF) and Existing Graduate Certificates (PDF)

Forms Related to Programs

For the majority of program-related proposals, Word forms are no longer accepted; proposals will use newly designed forms and will be processed through Curriculog. The only exceptions to this are proposals for: changes to the academic home of a degree or certificate; and creation, consolidation, transfer, closure, abolition, or significant reduction of academic programs and educational units. For these types of proposals, see "Forms Related to Academic Organizational Structure," below.

Click HERE for information about how to create/submit program-related proposals, as well as to determine the steps in each approval process.

Forms Related to Academic Organizational Structure

Proposals for the Senate's Academic Organization and Structure Committee (SAOSC), to change academic organization or structure of an educational unit, must be include the:

  • SAOSC Cover Sheet (DOC); and
  • SAOSC Guidelines (PDF).

Forms Related to Courses

Please visit ( and use Curriculog to fill out, submit, and approve requests for new, change and drop course requests.

Forms Related to Retroactive Withdrawal Appeals

  • Retroactive Withdrawal Appeals Form (DOC)
    • The form includes Instructor Feedback Form.

Post-Graduation Professional Interviews

  • Notification of Scheduled Appointment (DOCX)