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Quick Reference Guides

  • What is the deadline for submitting a new program proposal so that it is effective and available to students in fall 2018? (PDF)
  • If a unit wants to borrow courses from another unit to use in their degree program, what approvals are needed? (PDF)
  • If I'm creating a syllabus, what must be included? (PDF)
  • How can I find out how curricular items are processed within UK? (PDF)
  • How do I to determine a course's meeting pattern and associated number of credit hours for different meeting pattern types? (Exceptions, based on academic merit, may be made by the University Senate upon the recommendation of the appropriate academic council.) (PDF)

  • Matrix of Which Academic Programs/Courses are Homed in Which University Educational Units (PDF)

Forms Related to Programs

  • New University Scholars Program (DOCX)
    • Click HERE for a web page with general requirements for University Scholars Programs.
  • Substantive Change Checklist (DOCX)

Undergraduate Offerings

  • New Undergraduate Degree Program (DOCX)
    • Click HERE for helpful information about the New Undergraduate Degree Program form.
  • Change Undergraduate Program (DOCX)
    • Click HERE for helpful information about the Change Undergraduate Program form.
  • New Undergraduate Minor (DOCX)
  • Change Undergraduate Minor (DOCX)
  • Undergraduate Certificates - General Information
  • Suspension/Deletion of a Program (DOC)

Graduate Offerings

  • New Masters Program (DOCX)
    • Click HERE for helpful information about the New Masters Program form.
  • Change Masters Degree Program (DOC)
  • New Doctoral Program (DOCX) (new April 2017!)
  • Change Doctoral Degree Program (DOC)
  • Graduate Certificates
  • Suspension/Deletion of a Program (DOC)

Forms Related to Academic Organizational Structure

Proposals for the Senate's Academic Organization and Structure Committee (SAOSC), to change academic organization or structure of an educational unit, must be include the:

  • SAOSC Cover Sheet (DOC); and
  • SAOSC Guidelines (PDF).

Forms Related to Courses

Please visit ( and use Curriculog to fill out, submit, and approve requests for new, change and drop course requests.

Forms Related to Retroactive Withdrawal Appeals

  • Retroactive Withdrawal Appeals Form (DOC)
    • The form includes Instructor Feedback Form.

Post-Graduation Professional Interviews

  • Notification of Scheduled Appointment (DOCX)