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Retroactive Withdrawals

How does a student withdraw from a course taken in a previous semester?

The student may be eligible for a retroactive withdrawal. This process allows a student to petition a group of faculty for the ability to retroactively withdraw from all courses in a semester. (In rare circumstances, withdrawal from only one course has been allowed, but that is rare.) In order to be eligible for a retroactive withdrawal, a student must have experienced: a serious injury or illness; serious personal or family problems; serious financial difficulties; or permanent disability verified by the Disability Resource Center and diagnosed after the semester for which the withdrawal is requested.

To talk to someone about this process, please contact Katie Silver in the Senate Council office.

What is the process like?

The dean's office oversees the student's submission of forms and associated paperwork. This paperwork will help others understand why the student is making this request. The student will be required to submit documentation that supports their claim(s). No matter why the student did not perform well in their classes, the student MUST work with their college dean’s office to submit the necessary paperwork.

When the student has completed everything, the dean’s office must ensure Instructor Feedback Forms and a letter of support/nonsupport is included in the packet of information. The college dean's office is responsible for sending this packet of information to the Senate Council (SC) office. Employees in the SC office will treat the packet with the utmost confidentiality – only the committee members who review the request and the employee processing the paperwork will see the submitted documents. Employees can only discuss the paperwork with other employees who are involved in the process. Unless a formal FERPA release of information is on file with the Senate Council office, the Senate Council office staff will not discuss any aspect of a student's retroactive withdrawal with a family member, e.g. parent or guardian.

All requests received by the posted deadline will be sent to the Retroactive Withdrawal Appeals Committee (RWA Committee).

Senate Council office staff will review your paperwork to make sure it is all in order. If there are any problems with it, we will contact your dean’s office, who will provide the information if they have it, or will contact you for it. Incomplete requests will not move forward. If you have asked to be present for the hearing, you will be contacted to schedule you for the next meeting.

Barring unforeseen circumstances, within five days of the RWA Committee meeting, SC staff will typically send a formal letter with the results of the meeting to your college dean. Your college dean’s office is responsible for contacting you quickly to let you know the outcome.

In cases where the RWA Committee approves a student’s request, SC staff will inform the Registrar’s office, which will process the appropriate refund for tuition for that particular semester.