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Meeting of the: 
Meeting Date: 
Monday, September 14, 2020
Agenda is Below: 

Due to the COVID pandemic, all University Senate meetings will be held via video conference until further notice. Below is the link to access Monday's meeting via Zoom.

  1. President Eli Capilouto, University Senate Chair
  2. Minutes and Announcements
  3. Officer and Other Reports
    1. Chair
      1. Senate Council Actions Taken on Behalf of Senate in Spring 2020 (PDF)
      2. Senate Council Actions Taken on Behalf of Senate in Summer and Fall 2020 (to be given during meeting)
    2. Provost
    3. Vice Chair
    4. Parliamentarian
    5. Trustee
  4. Committee Reports
    1. Senate’s UK Core Education Committee (SUKCEC) - Patrick Lucas, Chair
      1. 2019-20 Report (PDF)
    2. Senate’s Academic Facilities Committee – Kevin Donohue, Chair
      1. Results of 2019-20 Facilities Survey – Chris Pool, Past Chair (PDF)
    3. Senate’s Academic Programs Committee - Leslie Vincent, Chair
      1. Proposed New 2+4 and 3+4: BS Human Health Sciences and PharmD (PDF)
      2. 2019-20 Report
  5. Update on CIP Changes from 2019-20 - Assistant Provost for Strategic Planning and Institutional Effectiveness Annie Weber (PDF)
  6. Presentation on Campus Communications – UK Police Chief Joe Monroe (PDF)
  7. Items from the Floor (Time Permitting)