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Course Syllabi (Effective Fall 2021)

Effective Fall 2021, every instructor must comply with new rules regarding syllabi, as described in Senate Rules 6.1.1 (“The Course Syllabus”). Specifically, every syllabus must include 26 required syllabi components (as applicable). Of particular note, and included in the 26 components, are requirements to include the items below.

  1. A link to the Senate-maintained Academic Policy Statements web page or a copy and paste of the text at that URL.
  2. The applicable course policies on academic offenses (cheating and plagiarism). Syllabi for undergraduate- and graduate-level classes must include a link to the Senate-maintained web page of Academic Offenses Rules for Undergraduate and Graduate Students or a copy and paste of the text at that URL. Syllabi for professional-level classes must include that program's rules on academic offenses or a link to a page with that information.
  3. A link to a faculty-body approved statement on diversity, equity, and inclusion or a copy and paste of that text. The Senate Council-approved Syllabus Statement on Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) will meet this requirement.

Instructors can include in their syllabi a link to a Senate-maintained web page describing Resources Available to Students. There is also a Senate-maintained web page with sample language regarding Optional Components of a Course Syllabus, such as classroom behavior policies, course material copyright statement, and classroom recording policy.

The Senate provides a syllabus template for instructors to use. Visit Syllabus Template to download a syllabus template for face-to-face and distance education courses.