Military Transfer Credit

The University of Kentucky has one of the best Military Credit policies within higher education.  With most schools, military credit is an all or nothing venture, while here at UK we only transfer the military credit that can actually be used towards your degree.  So if it benefits you as the student and has been approved by transfer equivalency, we accept it; if it doesn't, we don't.  UK follows the American Council on Education's recommendations when awarding transfer credit whenever possible, however, UK must offer an equivalency in order for you to be awarded credit. Military credit is not used in the admissions decision and will not count towards the 24 credits needed to be considered as a transfer unless accompanied by at least 15 hours of actual college credit.

To apply for your military credit transcript go to:

UK's access to your Joint Service Transcript is normally granted within 24 hours of your request.  You may also request an unofficial review of your transcript to determine how many credits you may receive.  Remember, while you may receive more credit for your military training at other schools, there is a distinct difference between accepted credit and usable credit.  You want to ensure that the credit is working for you and not against you as is the case with too much non-degree credit.  UK has over 400,000 established course equivalencies from other educational institutions across the United States to include the military. Use the Transfer Equivalency Database to learn more about how your courses will transfer to UK. Refer to the Transfer Equivalency Guide (PDF) to learn more about the transfer equivalency process at UK. 


Transfer applicants with 23 or fewer semester hours earned or in progress must submit the following:

  1. Application for Undergraduate Admission
  2. Test Scores: Official results for either the ACT or SAT
  3. Official High School and College transcripts

Transfer applicants with 24 or more semester hours earned must only submit the following:

  1. Application for Undergraduate Admission
  2. Official High School and College transcripts