Military Transfer Credit

When considering the Joint Service Transcript (JST), the University of Kentucky follows the American Council on Education’s recommendations when awarding transfer credit whenever possible.  Military credit is not used in the admissions decision and will not count towards the 24 credits needed to be considered as a transfer unless accompanied by at least 15 hours of actual college credit.  Unlike many schools where military credit is treated as an all or nothing venture, UK only awards credit that can be applied towards your degree.  This prevents you from accumulating too much general credit that can be counted against you in terms of financial aid for example. 

Additionally, the University of Kentucky Transfer Equivalency System (TES), available on our university Transfer Admission website, allows our student population to view and identify where college-level coursework will transfer into the institution. The database includes Joint Service Transcript (JST) coursework which can be found under the “American Council on Education”:

Any coursework that is not found on this site can be submitted to the university transfer team, who will work with college partners, in order to provide a course equivalency.

Community College of the Air Force credit is processed as traditional college credit.

To access your military transcript go to:

UK's access to your Joint Service Transcript is normally granted within 24 hours of your request.  You may also request an unofficial review of your transcript to determine how many credits you may receive.  Remember, while you may receive more credit for your military training at other schools, there is a distinct difference between accepted credit and usable credit. 


Transfer applicants with 23 or fewer semester hours earned or in progress must submit the following:

  1. Application for Undergraduate Admission:
  2. Test Scores: Official results for either the ACT or SAT
  3. Official High School and College transcripts

Transfer applicants with 24 or more semester hours earned do not have to submit test scores.