"New lines are additive and ambitious. It is not our task to only ever draw or trace them, but our unique role to force them toward different ends and, in doing so, take responsibility over all that they describe and all that they nudge from the margins into the bounding box of our collective conviction." (New Lines, 141)

Stark School, Nodaway County, Missouri

My teaching philosophies and practices are committed to participatory learning and university-community partnerships, which I believe are key to fostering engaged public scholarship.

My courses challenge students to master a rigorous range of theory and applied skills while also emphasizing the responsibilities of geographic representations for creating sustained, positive change in society. My students benefit from opportunities to apply their knowledge and skills to real-world issues, and my goal is for them to emerge with a better sense of how their technical skills and critical thinking can be directly applied to the dynamic needs of their communities and the environment.

I conceptualize an attunement toward community partnerships as the teaching of socio-technical critique -- envisioning technical training as emergent from and within specific socio-political contexts. In other words, the teaching of technical skills is not only about mastery of the technology but also about understanding the potential of those techniques to intervene in the world.

Digital Mapping


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Orientation in Geography


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Community Mapshop


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Concepts in Geography


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Cartographic Attention


Teaching Practicum


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