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Presentations Burley Home Page

Supply Catalogs

2009-2010 Kentucky TOBACCO Production Guide

Labor Issues     

H-2A AGENTS IN KENTUCKY Agricultural Foreign Labor Certification Program
EKU Bluegrass Farmworker Health Center Mid America Ag and Hort Services, Inc.

Pesticide Issues    

Availability of Green-Shield as replacement for Prevent disinfectant:  Ryan’s Agri – Lexington (859) 233-0057
Southern States – Lexington (859) 254-4747
Ken’s Value Center – Berry (859)-234-6233
Portable CO2 Spray System
Tobacco Pesticide Labels links to the most commonly used products

Pesticide Labels Use search if company is not known

Assessing Pesticide Spray Drift Damage Covering the legal bases (See AGR-158)
Spray Tips for Sucker Control
2003 Environment Impact of Burley Tobacco Production in the Eight State Burley Belt
Gary Palmer, Stephanie Goode and Steve Isaacs

   Fertility Issues

Plant Analysis Program
DiST 4 Calibration & DiST 1 Conversion DiST 4 Conductivity Chart for 20-10-20
DiST 4 Conductivity Chart for 21-8-18 DiST 1 Conductivity Chart for 20-10-20
UK Soil Testing
Soils, water, greenhouse media, animal waste, and mine spoils testing with fertilizer and lime recommendations
Nutrient Content of Fertilizer and Organic Materials
Calibration of Portable pH Meters

Marketing Issues

Receiving Stations: 
Philip Morris USA, Philip Morris International, Universal Leaf, R.J. Reynolds,
& Alliance One 
Marketing Changes for 2009
Burley Tobacco Warehouses for 2008-2009
Information on Steamers and Humidifiers for Tobacco Conditioning by George Duncan

Big Baler Manufacturers

TobaccoChek Moisture Tester            Evaluation of TobaccoChek pdf   
Moisture Levels for Safe Handling & Storage of Burley Bales from Farm Through the Warehouse

Other Information of Interest

Region Issues Committee click on region of choice to view committee work
New Crops Opportunities Center
Salter Digital Hanging Scales (WS1060  10kg Digital Scale) ( recommended for weighing tobacco test plots - requires a weighing bag such as canvas log carrier)
Dark Tobacco Agent's Page
Agents Grain Crops Page
Virginia Tech Weed Identification Guide
Canada Plan Service (free downloadable building plans)
Monthly Horticulture Tips from Virginia
Supply Catalogs

Ben Meadows

Forestry Supply




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