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Assistant Hall Director

Application Deadlines:
For Fall 2013-2014 positions: January 25, 2013

How to Apply:
In order to apply, candidates must submit a current resume and letter of interest to the Residence Life main office by emailing it to the following address: sraahdapp@sharepoint.uky.edu.

Any current R.A. who is in good standing with the department is eligible to apply for an Assistant Hall Director position.

All Assistant Hall Directors function as an R.A. for a floor in their building and also have administrative and leadership responsibilities. These extra responsibilities vary depending on the hall in which the AHD works, but include the following:
  • Define job responsibilities to staff; clearly define expectations.
  • Delegate responsibilities while retaining appropriate authority.
  • Provide ongoing feedback to staff. Help them set goals and objectives for the year.
  • Meet deadlines for payroll and other required paperwork. Complete all paperwork accurately.
  • Coordinate Front Desk Scheduling, including Resident Advisor desk shifts, Lunch Desk, Plan B, and Mail Delivery/Pick-Up
  • Meet payroll deadlines, including Reconciliation Sheet preparation, and timesheet preparation (in partnership with Office Assistant and/or Resident Director)
  • Attend Senior Staff Meetings; Area Meetings; Initiative Team Meetings as needed
  • Assist with hall staff meetings; develop teambuilding activities for the staff during the year
  • Support RD with RA staff evaluations (provide feedback)
  • Be on duty for assigned area for one week each semester
  • Assist in two specific areas in the hall (select two)
    • Participate in one-on-one meeting with RD/RAs
    • Track RA Overnights Used
    • Participate in Judicial Hearings
    • Administrative Responsibilities (including mail delivery/pick-up, lost/missing key follow-up/discipline, forms, etc.)

Assistant Hall Directors receive the same compensation as R.A.s plus an additional annual stipend of $4,250.00.